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Wisdom Wands

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The Wisdom Wand truly is a green product! It's a 100% glass straw with little holes that lets you never have to use coffee filters or tea bags again.

You don't even need a coffee maker any more, Why make a pot when you only need to use a straw?

You have two options for Wisdom Wands: the tea version is all glass and the java version is glass with a cloth mesh for finer grains.

Great for cold brew coffee too!


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Java and Tea wands
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Generally people leave the coffee maker on and the coffee gets bitter. Not the greatest place to use electricity. With the Wisdom Wand, you just need to boil water, which uses about one quarter the electricity, and you will use far less coffee as well. Indeed, you will use one cup at a time, which is about one tablespoon per cup. Even better, you can't get it wrong. Coffee too weak? Add a little coffee. Too strong? Add a little more water.

With the Wisdom Wand, cleanup is effortless. With coffee makers, you have to always rinse them out. So you're using all this extra water being wasted. And, when you make a pot of coffee, it's usually to please somebody else...somebody's always compromising. With the Wisdom Wand you can have it your way all the time. The Wisdom Wand also gives people the opportunity to make loose tea easily and portably, even quicker than a tea bag. Most people don't want to step into the loose tea arena; they think of it as being messy. But now outside of the home, in your office, on an airplane, in a hotel room, there's no reason people can't enjoy their favorite tea and coffee regardless of where they are.

The carrying case becomes your portable coffee and tea maker. The Wisdom Wand gives tea and coffee sellers a better way to intoduce their new product quickly and effortlessly. And, it's great to use for cocoa nuts, and raw foodists love it.

Overall, the Wisdom Wand results in a great savings to the earth. It creates several hundred dollars a year in savings , and that's just making it at home. If you buy your coffee out, you will save a thousand dollars! And with loose tea, it's one of the few areas you can spend less and get more in our country!

The Wisdom Wand also prevents tea and coffee stains as the straw largely bypasses the teeth. Drinking a hot beverage through a plastic straw is highly toxic. But glass is the cleanest, healthiest material for our bodies. So this product not only prevents tea stains but also doesn't compromise our health, another great benefit to the consumer. Finally, it actually enhances the taste. Try it and watch people's faces light up, instantly. And within seconds, your coffee and tea is ready...it's fast! You don't hve to wait all the time for things to brew. You can put it the straw in your travel mug and travel in it, as most have a little hole that the Wisdom Wand fits in.

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