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Beeswax Honeypot Luminary - Carved Earth

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Beautiful, All Natural, 100% Beeswax Globe Honeypot!


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Beeswax Globe Candle - Carved-earth-mini
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Made of 100% beeswax, these botanical luminary honeypots are carved without templates, so each one will be unique! Imagine the mesmerizing, flickering light cast upon your walls from within a carved Honeypot.

Most candles are made with harmful chemicals which are toxic when burned. Eco-friendly beeswax releases healthy, negative ions which actually clean the air you breathe, giving off a refreshing aroma WITHOUT chemicals!

To produce one of these stunning beeswax creations, worker bees eat ten pounds of honey, fly 150,000 miles, and visit 33 million flower blossoms! Show off their hard work by displaying one of these honeypots in your home!

All honeypots come with a beeswax tealight to place inside the carved luminary. The beeswax tealights are handpoured into a recyclable plastic container! The tealights will burn continuously for up to 4 hours.

Available in three sizes:
mini (3" tall by 3 1/2" wide)
small (5-6" tall and wide)
large (7-8" tall and wide).

Our mini, small and large Honeypots include a beeswax tealight, an instruction sheet, and information card in an attractive gift box. Please note that the shades of the 100% pure unfiltered beeswax will vary; shades will range from a deep brownish gold to a very light yellow depending on the flowers, honeybees, geography, and time of year. Also, please note that these honeypots are made and carved without templates of any kind.

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