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Organic Queen-Sized Kapok Pillow

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Organic Standard-Sized Kapok Pillow
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Our natural [glossary]Organic[/glossary] Kapok pillows are environmentally friendly, very comfortable and covered in 100% unbleached cotton ticking.

Comes overstuffed, but fill is removable to obtain desired firmness. Kapok is a very light and fluffy fiber made from tree seeds, and makes for an amazingly comfortable yet firm pillow filling.

About our Natural Organic Pillows

Green Home has organic pillows featuring buckwheat or kapok stuffing. Both buckwheat and kapok are grown without herbicides and pesticides because these crops are not bothered by pests. Kapok and buckwheat are able to grow in poor soil without a problem.

Kapok, a golden silky fiber, is an almost magical material. It is soft, smooth, hygienic, [glossary]non-toxic[/glossary], [glossary]hypoallergenic[/glossary] and environmentally friendly. It is breathable, allows air circulation and has healthful benefits. It can be reused for generations, without developing [glossary]mold[/glossary] or decaying. It even floats!

One of the few [glossary]sustainable[/glossary] rainforest crops, kapok comes from the seed pod of the majestic kapok tree. This ancient treasure has for centuries represented a prized possession and has historically been used by gurus, saints and spiritual masters, who marveled at its unique characteristics such as its ability to shape to the body before rebounding instantly to its original fluffy shape.

Kapok's superior resilient qualities are in its very growing. This plant gets its nutrients from the air, which it uses to create fine, air-filled tubes of golden silky fiber. Therefore, chemicals are not needed for this crop. Nor is the ground tilled, which keeps the rainforest alive and healthy. Kapok harvesting also provides sustainable jobs rainforest communities.

Size: Queen (20 x 30), Color: Natural, Vers.: Organic Kapok

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