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Crystal Satellite Shower Filter

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Crystal Satellite Replacement Shower Filter
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter - no showerhead
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter w/ brass Whedon showerhead
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter w/ polished chrome bernoulli showerhead
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter w/ chrome massage showerhead
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter Range
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The unique Crystal Satellite cartridge, housed in a stylish durable stainless steel body, reduces toxic chlorine from your shower, resulting in better skin conditions, more manageable hair and the reduction of itchy skin and rashes. It is the most environmentally friendly filter because it uses less plastic and lasts longer. When used with the water saving Whedon fixed action head it combines eco-consciousness with a healthy and invigorating shower experience.

The Crystal Satellite dechlorinating shower filter, with 20 oz of KDF®-55 media and 2 oz of Rainshow’r Energized Virgin American Crystal; the largest in the Shower Filter Industry, removes 90% or more of free chlorine for a healthier shower.


• Healthier, younger looking skin
• Softer, more manageable hair
• Reduces fading of color-treated hair
• Relief from dry skin and scalp
• Improved lathering and sudsing
• Great for those with chlorine sensitivity
• 20 Oz of KDF®-55 media; the largest in the shower filter industry
• 2 Oz Rainshow’r energized virgin american crystal. For more information visit our website
• Attaches to standard plumbing and shower heads.
• This unit is also available with the Rainshow’r polished chrome Bernoulli Power Showerhead, the Whedon polished chrome designer head of the Shower Pro polished chrome massage head
• The stainless steel housing will not break, chip or leak
• Unique and simple cartridge change design
• Polyester pre-filter media
• No exaggerated or unproven claims
• Guaranteed – The Crystal Satellite contains no carbon or calcium sulfite

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