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Wasara Compostable Square Plates

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Wasara Compostable Square Plate - Small
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Wasara Compostable Square Plates
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WASARA – Elegant, Sustainable, Compostable Tableware.
- A collection of 18 durable pieces
- Made with 100% tree-free, renewable materials
- Suitable for cold or hot foods
- Oil and water-resistant
- Sturdy and sculptural shape is pleasing to hold
- Recipient of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award, by The Chicago Museum of Design

Eat and drink with all your senses.
Elegant and flowing form that fits naturally into one’s hands, subtle shading, and texture like handmade Japanese paper. WASARA places great importance on the touch of the tableware and the feeling when you bring it to your mouth. With elegant form and texture that reflect its handcrafted roots, WASARA captures the essence of functional beauty, allowing your guests to experience and enjoy your culinary creations with all of the senses.

Experience flawless dining.
WASARA is great with both piping hot or ice cold food and beverages. WASARA tableware never gets soggy and you can cut on it easily without tearing. Best of all, WASARA products are chemical-free because sugarcane brightens naturally without the need for bleach. WASARA quality - it’s what your guests deserve.

Returning to the earth what it graciously gave.
WASARA is proud to use 100% tree-free, renewable materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse. Bamboo grows extremely fast, and is a hardy plant that is readily renewed. Bagasse is the by-product of extracting juice from sugarcane, approximately one hundred million tons of which are produced every year. While some is burned for fuel, much of it is simply discarded as waste. However, with fiber very similar to broadleaf trees, the intrinsic properties of bagasse make it perfect as a paper base. And because it is softer and more pliable than wood pulp, the energy required is significantly less than traditional paperware production. Based on bamboo and bagasse, our fully biodegradable and *compostable WASARA products reduce environmental burden and can be produced without fear of exhausting our natural resources.

*The definition of compostability under ASTM-D6400 certification obtained by WASARA states that the material will: 1) decompose into carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic compounds; 2) undergo extensive decomposition, losing its original form within 90 days; and 3) leave behind no toxic materials.

*Returns of unopened cases are subject to a 25% restocking fee, and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Please

It is a common practice in Japan to select tableware that best suits each ingredient or cuisine. Among the world's food cultures, no other nation cares as much about its choice of tableware. While some dishes have distinct and specific roles, such as the bowls used for rice or miso soup, a small cup called choko can double as a drinking vessel or a small bowl. WASARA presents this Japanese culture of varied tableware, giving freedom to each individual for how they use it. The waterproof and oil-resistant tableware can be arranged in countless variations adding elegant color to all your entertaining.

WASARA tableware is made using the manufacturing method called Molded Pulp. Bamboo and bagasse pulp is poured into molds, and then dehydrated under heat and pressure in a press machine, allowing for dishes of many shapes and sizes to be made without using any starch or glue.

With WASARA tableware, you will not find the rounded edges of typical paper cups. With an emphasis on texture and the touch in one’s hands, WASARA tableware edges are wavy by design. This is one of WASARA’s most distinguishing features. The delicately uneven texture of the tableware, like handmade Japanese paper and pottery, is made possible through precision metal molds. It is the world-class Japanese metal mold production techniques that make WASARA tableware incomparably beautiful and so physically appealing.

The word WASARA is a compound word represented by two Japanese sounds. The original and most direct meaning is WA, indicating “Japanese” and SARA meaning “dish”. However, multiple characters can be substituted for each part: WA also representing peace, ancient Japan, or cycle; and SARA also meaning brand-new or renewal. This shows the deeper meaning behind this innovative style of pure, refined tableware, with a strong awareness of the circle of life.

WASARA was born from a desire to design tableware that perfectly complements the dishes you serve and creates a heartwarming and comfortable setting, even though it can only be used once. At the foundation of WASARA is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values: traditional craftsmanship based on incomparable technical skill, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit of placing utmost importance on hospitality and courtesy to others.

In Japan, it is custom to eat using chopsticks, to hold bowls in your hands, and to put your mouth directly on them to eat and drink. Holding a vessel in both hands symbolizes bringing one’s hands together in gratitude for the ingredients within. Experiencing the four seasons and enjoying foods with all five senses – these are important elements of the uniquely Japanese rich yet subtle sensibility and food culture. WASARA, even though it is by design ephemeral, endeavors to encapsulate that spirit.

Life is not just about people. It is about living in harmony with nature. In the island nation of Japan, traditional wisdom called for people to live according to nature’s cycles. It is not enough to consider our short time on the earth; we must contemplate the health and prosperity of the environment that will be home to future generations one hundred and even one thousand years from now. The true meaning of environmental awareness is understanding how to interact with nature and how to live truly sustainable lifestyles.

WASARA tableware is fully biodegradable and compostable. People, animals, trees and grasses – in the end we all return to the earth, and from there new life is born again. WASARA, too, was created to be used in moments when people gather, and later cycled back in to nature.

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