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NEW! Chemical Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 2pk

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Chemical Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner
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All you have to do is drop the Toilet Clean cartridge into your tank, and enjoy the pleasure of knowing you have a sparkling clean toilet bowl. Toilet Clean contains no chemicals, performing its magic through advanced molecular technology. It actually prevents stains from building up in the bowl before they happen. Imagine never having to scrub your toilet to get rid of offending Ring Around the Toilet or stains for 5 years or 5,000 flushes! It's easy, affordable, long lasting, and safe for children and pets!


With Toilet Clean, you never have to worry that your children and pets could become sick because of Ring Around the Toilet. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they won't be exposed to harmful, caustic chemicals that could affect their well-being. Toilet Clean also has no negative impact on the environment. It is chemical-free!


Not only is Toilet Clean affordable - it's also economical! Every Toilet Clean brick cartridge is guaranteed to last for at least 5,000 flushes. That means you can enjoy the hygienic and ‘green’ benefits of the product for up to 5 years or possibly longer, without replacement. This saves time and money (not to mention the time and money you'll save on repeatedly using chemical cleaners and brushes).


Toilet Clean is a unique product. It is not a chemical toilet bowl cleaner. Instead, it uses technology and works on a physical level. The product works using special hydro-mineral magnets that react to the minerals in the water by damaging the outer electron ring of the minerals, preventing them from bonding together and forming stains. Just drop the brick cartridge into your tank and say goodbye to stains and needless scrubbing. You still need to clean your toilet for hygienic purposes, from elements other than water that might dirty your toilet. Its unique ability to eliminate Ring Around the Toilet and other stains is what sets it apart.

* Lasts for 5,000 flushes
* Uses chemical-free Hydro Mineral Magnet Technology
* Safe for kids and pets
* Safe for septic systems
* Safe for the environment

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