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Red Composting Worms

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Best composting earthworms! 1 lb. of Worms will eat 1/2 to 1 lb. of waste per day, so assume you will need 1 lb. of red worms for each member in your household.


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Red Worms
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Worm Castings have a wide range of nutrients, minerals, enzymesand beneficial microorganisms that plants just thrive on. Castingsare a complete plant ready soil amendment and Worm Castingswon't burn even the most delicate of plants. Vermicomposting orcomposting with Red Worms is easy,fun and it's good for our planet!

These Red Worms are the best composting Earthworms.Under ideal conditions they can eat up to one and a half times their body weight in a 24 hour period and convert it to the finest organic soil amendment there is, Worm Castings!

We recommend that you start with 4 pounds of Red Worms when using the Worm Box. Four pounds will get your Vermicomposting System up and running quickly and efficiently.

Generally 1 lb. of red worms is necessary for each member in a household. Also, 1 lb. of Worms will eat 1/2 to 1 lb. of waste per day. It is important to start with plenty of Worms so the system gets off to a good start and converts the waste rapidly. If the system is managed like the "Vermicomposting DVD" describes there shouldn't be the need to purchase worms again.


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