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RainReserve Rain Water Filter and Diverter

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Capture rainwater efficiently! The Complete Diverter Kit/System includes everything needed for rain diverting except a barrel. The RainReserve diverter connects to your downspout and diverts water into the barrel while allowing debris to continue through the downspout.

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Rain Water Filter and Diverter - RainReserve
Double Capacity Rain Water Filter and Diverter - complete tandem system
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Did you know that by the year 2050, some 4 billion people (that's over half of the entire world's population) will be facing severe water shortages? In the United States, people living in Southwestern states like Arizona could be facing severe freshwater shortages even sooner -- by 2025! Scary, huh?

There is an easy, free solution - capture your rainwater! RainReserve is a practical and sustainable system that stores your rainwater to be used for activities that do not need filtered water, such as washing your car, watering your plants, or even for industrial cooling systems. When an inch of rain falls on a 1,000 square foot roof, the water used can fill (12) 55 gallon tanks. This water can make a real difference in conserving nature's precious resource, and it's free!

The Complete Diverter Kit/System includes everything needed for rain diverting except a barrel. The RainReserve diverter connects to your downspout and diverts water into the barrel while allowing debris to continue through the downspout. If your barrel becomes full, overflow rain is sent back through the downspout, eliminating the risk of costly flooding. The system is completely closed, preventing mosquitoes and other nuisances from entering your barrel. The Complete RainReserve System includes the RainReserve diverter, 6 feet of expandable and collapsible white tubing, easy-to-install (diy), self-sealing fittings, a high-flow spigot and a non-standard size (1 3/16οΎ”) spade bit. An extra outlet is available for future expansion. Adapter included for 3x4 downspouts. All products are made in the USA using sustainable materials and practices. Made in the USA. DOES NOT INCLUDE BARREL.

RainReserve attaches to your downspout and diverts rainwater from your gutter system into a rain barrel. It is designed to allow leaves and other large debris to pass through the diverter and out the downspout, leaving pure and clean rainwater in the barrel. When the rain barrel is full, the rainwater will be re-diverted through the RainReserve Diverter and directed back to your gutter, therefore keeping intact your original water drainage system.

RainReserve Diverter Kits need to work in tandem with a Recyclable Rain Barrel. Available in either single or double capacity systems.


Product Specifications:

  • Automatic Overflow causes the rain water to back up to the downspout and goes out the existing house drainage system when the tank/barrel is full
  • The RainReserve Diverter kits are available in either single or double capacity systems. The kit includes:

    Seasonal Upkeep: You should disconnect your rain barrel before the first hard freeze. If you empty all water out of your barrel, you can keep it attached for a few additional weeks; just make sure you are completely emptying it every time it fills.
    We recommend washing the barrel when disconnecting it for the season. Use an environmentally friendly solution of 2 tsp. of castile soap + 2 tsp. vinegar or lemon juice per gallon of water for cleaning, swishing the solution around inside the barrel then rinsing the inside of the barrel with a garden hose. A concentrated spray nozzle will work well to remove residue from the inside of the barrel.
    You should wait until the first good rain of the springtime has fallen before reattaching your rain barrel. The first good rain should flush considerably more debris from the roof and gutters than subsequent rains. Attaching your rain barrel before this point may increase the chances of clogging the diverter.

  • Automatic Debris Filtration
  • Specialized fittings for no-leak, and easy installation to any size barrel/tank
  • High Flow Spigot for use with soaker hoses and drip irrigation
  • Dual outlet ports for dual (parallel) filling of two rain barrel/water tanks at once, if desired.
  • Access door for quick and easy annual maintenance.
  • Two methods of house attachment, for brick and direct connection.
  • All parts are eco friendly and made in the U.S.A.
  • RainReserve diverter, made of recyclable hybrid corn plastic, weather and UV resistant
  • High-flow spigot with 5" of Opaque tubing (blocks UV) hose connection
  • Adaptable sealing to fit a wide variety of rain barrels (2 Barrel Seals)
  • Tubing to attach to rain barrel
  • Winterization kit (2 winterization caps)
  • Specific tools needed for installation, such as spigot adapter, garden hose adapter, 6 downspout screws, 1 roll of Teflon tape, 1 "do not drink" sticker
  • Designed and shipped using sustainable materials
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