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Rain Barrel Stand Accessory

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Start storing free water with this 50 gallon rain barrel!

SKU# RTS-5510-000200-80-81

Barrel Stand (optional)
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This is the coolest thing for saving your rainwater you've ever seen. Reusing rainwater for general household activities, from watering plants to flushing toilets, can save your family about 50% in their overall household water consumption; so catching this natural resource and using it is a natural, effective, and great tasting solution to our emerging water shortage.

You simply set the Rainbarrel by the side of your house, attach a pipe or gutter to it (something's got to flow into it) and it captures all of the water that rolls off your roof or into your gutter (or other catchment mechanism).

This recyclable rain barrel is a huge 50 US gallons, and is constructed from heavy duty recyclable plastic. It has a UV8 stabilizing package built in (that means the barrel is treated to resist decay from sunlight) which will prevent fading for approximately 5 years!

It has one flat side to sit flush against a wall, saving space, while making it easy to trim grass or maintain the area around each barrel.

This rain barrel is also linkable to other barrels for increased capacity! On either side of the barrel are two nobs used for overflow. The knobs (aka spouts) of two barrels can be joined with a simple tube or hose to channel to overflow from one barrel into another.

This is a great way to take green to the next level!

Brown Rain Barrel

Green Rain Barrel

Tan Rain Barrel

Woodgrain Rain Barrel (Outside)

Green Rain Barrel (Outside)
  • Shut-off valve for hose hook-up, dual overflow
  • Screen to keep out debris and insects
  • Children and pet proof
  • Available in woodgrain, green, mud brown or tan
  • Dimensions: 33.5" (H) x 24" (W) x 18.25" (D)
  • Volume: 50US Gal. (190L)
  • Weight: 18lbs. (8.17Kg)
Optional Accessories:
  • The Barrel Stand - creates a larger offset between the spigot and the ground, making it easier to fill watering cans and for general use.
  • Link Kit - Allows you to link other barrels together, increasing your overall capacity. Includes 12" pvc of 1" clear hose and 2 clips.

    Accessories are sold separately.

    Here are some additional views of the Rain Barrels!

  • Size: Accessory: Black Stand, Wt: 6, Color: Black, Vers.: Barrel Stand Only

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