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  • Energy Efficient 

NightStar jP No Battery Flashlight

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Looking for an energy efficient flashlight that doesn't require the use of difficult to recycle batteries? Look no further than this fantastic NO BATTERY NEEDED flashlight. Simply shake to recharge.


NightStar jP No Battery Flashlight
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NightStar JP no battery flashlight pierces the darkness even after years of abuse and neglect. NightStar JP no battery design allows operation for decades without any maintenance and can withstand extreme environments including salt water and hot and cold temperatures. The polycarbonate housing is virtually indestructible. Luminescent magnetic Reed switch controls LED activation. Samarium-cobalt rare earth charging magnet and mag-lev recoil magnets will maintain magnetic field strength for centuries. Panasonic 1.5 farad gold film capacitor holds an electrical charge for months. In addition, NightStar JP no battery flashlight is extensively tested by independent laboratories. Superior performance, see independent flashlight reviews, and attention to manufacturing quality control separates NightStar JP no battery design from all other shake flashlights. When light is ESSENTIAL then NightStar JP is the answer.

  • LED Illumination Range = 50 feet (15m)
  • LED Beam Diameter = 12 feet (3.6m)
  • Lumen Output = 15lm (laser collimation
  • LED Power = 0.10 watt
  • Charge Time = 30 seconds
  • Light Duration = 15 minutes
  • Waterproof Depth = 200 feet (61m) 
  • Corrosion Proof = motor oil, diesel fuel, salt water & mild acids
  • Impact Resistance = withstands repeated 5 foot drops (1.5m)
  • Storage Temperature = -40F (-40c) to +140F (+70c)
  • Panasonic Gold Capacitor = 100,000 charges LED Life = 50,000 hours
  • Dimensions = Length 10 inches (25cm) Diameter 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
  • Weight = 11oz (308 grams)
  • Warranty = 5 years

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