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NEW! Colored Organic Cotton Thread Sets - Spring

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Brand new to Greenhome.com, the first organic cotton thread, available in an array of bright and beautiful colors. Choose this fiber reactive dyed, organic cotton thread for all of your sewing projects, or to do simple clothing repairs at home.

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Colored Organic Cotton Thread Sets - Spring
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We are thrilled to bring you the world's first colored organic cotton thread! This multi-purpose thread comes on 300 yard spools. It's strong, reliable thread, spun in Holland by Scanfil and dyed with fiber reactive dyes. Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

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Fiberactive Organics has two missions, one is to increase the market for organic cotton in order to promote organic farming throughout the world, especially in the US, specifically here in North Carolina. We would like to purchase all of the cotton for our thread and fabrics from US farmers, but there just aren’t enough of them growing organic. We have been forced to buy cotton from other countries, which is wonderful quality, but I don’t like using the petroleum to transport it to the US. My ultimate dream is to take my products from the soil to retail-ready within 400 miles of the home studio. My second mission is to provide work for those who would otherwise be unemployed. Six Montagnard refugee women now work with me at different times. We each work from our homes. Those who can sew have work stations at home, I provide hand tools for those who don’t have sewing stations. We like to meet in my home studio once every once in a while and let the children play with the dog and chickens while we cut fabrics and organize supplies. I visit each of the women’s homes as needed to pick up finished work, give them new supplies and make sure they are functioning well. My dream of bringing to market the world’s first colored organic cotton thread became a reality in 2010. The thread is spun in Holland and is called Scanfil. This great multi-purpose thread comes in 34 wonderful colors. We have it on 300 yard spools for home use and 5000 meter cones for manufacturers. Now my challenge is getting the word out to all those who might want to sew organic. In 2011 Fiberactive Organics, LLC became Fiberactive Organics, L3C. That’s a new business designation that stands for Low Profit Limited Liability Company. To learn more about it, have a look at my blog post called “A New Name For Doing Good Business”. In 2011, Fiberactive became the 16th L3C in North Carolina. At the end of 2012 I made the decision to close down the central studio. The Montagnard women are fully trained and don’t need me to supervise them. They have sewing stations in their homes and prefer to work from there so that they can be home for their school age children. It just made financial sense for me to work from home too. It was a huge effort to move – it took six Montagnard men to move my 400lb bale of organic cotton. I’m all set up and working from home now, but I find it’s rather lonely.

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