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Air Test Kit: Mold + Dust

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Have you ever wondered if your illnesses are a result of your indoor air quality? Order a home air quality test kit to be sure! Test for specific issues, or do a full analysis test. Know what is in the air you breathe every day. Take the first step to identifying potential airborne contaminants in your work or home environment.

Using this DIY air quality test kit has been shown to be 80-90% as accurate as having a professional performing the work for you. Taking the sample is easy, and our prices include your full test results!

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Green Home did the research and found the most thorough and cost-effective method for you to find out what's really in your air before deciding to hire a consultant to perform an expensive inspection or contaminant removal. This is the same analysis that you can get by paying $100s of dollars more. Our prices include your full test results!

Choose mold, dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, carcinogens, asbestos, smoke, or a combination and find out what you are breathing at home, work, school or any indoor environment.

All you need to do is order the kit that's right for you, take a sample of your air (very easy to do), send the sample in a pre-paid envelope to Green Home's lab partner Techtron, and within 7 days (14 for bacteria and asbestos) we will respond with a full report that will tell you exactly what you're breathing.

The report will outline the volume of the toxin their labs identified and what type of species, or nature of the chemical or material, they found. Techton's lab has developed a low, medium and high range for each type of particulate, and rates them based on analysis, categorization and knowledge of the found particulates. NOTE: Physical particles will show up on our test, and not chemicals or gases.

Knowing what is in the air you are breathing allows you to choose the best purification system to effectively reduce those specific pollutants. Also, by sharing your results with your Physician, they may be better able to identify whether your air is contributing to your allergies, asthma, and other medical problems. Just because your air is "average" does not mean that you cannot improve your air quality. Some people are more sensitive to specific allergens and “average” may not be an acceptable level for you or your family.

Remember, our outdoor air changes continually, which could change your indoor air quality. You may wish to retest yearly or during a change of season or changes in your home such as remodeling, furnace work, flooding, roof leak, etc.

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Which test is for you?

Mold - identifies up to 50 types of species
Dust - tests for the most common allergens in the air
Dander - insect and pet dander are common allergens for humans (note: specific causes are not defined)
Bacteria - tests for all airborne bacteria
Carcinogenic Fibers - tests different fibers by size and type (short, long, rods, natural, manmade): such as cotton, fiberglass and asbestos fibers
Soot Only - Smoke caused by cigarettes, fireplaces, candles, etc (note: specific causes are not defined, only levels)
Asbestos Only - This is an exclusive test specifically for Asbestos fibers and gives a more detailed report than the carcinogenic fibers test. It will distinguish between chrysotile and amphibole asbestos.
Full Analysis - Mold, Dander, Carcinogenic Fibers, Bacteria, Dust

The Indoor Air Quality Test Kit contains one test that will evaluate the air quality of your entire house. In order to test the air of specific rooms, you will need to purchase one test per room and use the vacuum cleaner method. NOTE: Physical particles will show up on our test, and not chemicals or gases.


*Not eligible for return.

Kit includes: Mold + Dust

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