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Indoor Air Quality Test Kit - Chemicals

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Are you or your family breathing in toxic organic chemicals from cigarettes, varnishes, paints and solvents?

Find out if your family is at risk with our easy DIY at-home test kit!


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Indoor Air Quality Test Kit - Chemicals
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Poor air quality inside homes, schools, and office buildings has been linked to fatigue, trouble concentrating, and headaches, while long term exposure can lead to asthma and other diseases.

SLGI Certified Test Kit will test for a qualitative (presence of) over 700,000 compounds affecting the indoor air quality. All tests are conducted using NIOSH and OSHA methods and meet all Federal, State and certification agencies requirements.

Simply ship your sample to the lab in the original sample box. The analysis fee is included in the kit purchase price. NO hidden fees. An analytical report is sent within 5 business days of receipt of the sample.

*Note: This test kit does not test for mold.
*Not eligible for return.

Sampling Instructions for Indoor Air Quality

- Remove the diffusion monitor from the can. - On the included chain of custody form and monitor label, record the date, name and/or area name, and sampling start time of the sample.
- Remove the top retaining ring along with the white plastic film. This can be done with a screwdriver, key, or coin. Discard the ring and the film, keeping the elution cap with plugs (clear plastic cap). You are now ready to begin sampling. This monitor can be used as an area or personal sampler.
- For personal sampling, attach the monitor in the individual’s breathing zone. Leave the badge open for 8 hours, recording your start and stop times on the COC.
- For area sampling, hang the monitor away from any walls, corners, table tops, or other regions where air movement may be limited.
- After sampling, snap the elution cap with plugs onto the main body of the monitor. Be sure that the two port plugs are secured. Your monitor is now ready for shipment.
- Place the samples and completed chain of custody form back inside the original box and place the box inside of the provided shipper bag to be sent back to the lab.

You will receive your analytical results within 5 business days after the sample is received.

Note: Sampling badge has a one year expiration date printed onto monitor.

Kit Contents:
- One 3M Air Sampling Badge
- Pre-packaged gloves
- Chain of Custody (COC)
- Return shipping label and shipper bag

Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc is a certified environmental testing laboratory offering Asbestos, Mold, Lead, Metals and Organics. It is an independent, ISO-IEC 17025, AIHA-LA P, NVLAP and NELAC accredited laboratory headquartered in Richmond, VA, USA. The laboratory is dedicated to serving the testing needs of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals worldwide. 

Since its inception in 1987, SLGI has experienced tremendous growth in all analytical areas including Industrial Hygiene, Environmental, Lead and Asbestos and is recognized as a leader in laboratory and product testing, microbiology, and research & development for over 700,000 toxic chemicals. Now with the addition of certified Lead Test Kits, Mold Test Kits, Asbestos Test Kits, and others, SLGI will insure that testing can be done in a simplified and accurate manner.

Is there a strange odor in your house? Is the paint peeling where your child plays? Do you see mold? Does your water taste or smell odd? If you are concerned with any of these questions, don’t wait another minute to see if your family is exposed to a potential health hazard. With one of our Lead Test Kits, Mold Test Kits, Asbestos Test Kits, or other easy to use and inexpensive home test kits, you can reach the peace of mind you need.

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