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Hybrid Solar Flashlight LED - 120 Lumens

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Never be without a light! This flashlight is the same as our classic Hybrid Flashlight, but BRIGHTER! 120 Lumens! Great for emergencies, in the garage, on the boat, in the attic, on vacation, at the cabin, camping, or in the car, this Hybrid LED flashlight is rechargeable, eco friendly and even waterproof!
- Super Bright LED! 120 Lumens, Wow that's bright!
- Extremely Durable! Great for work and play, so play hard!
- Always Ready! Will never fail you, so it is OK to take a few risks!
- Waterproof! Down to 80 feet, not that you need to go down that far- OH and it floats, wheew!

SKU# 120LT

120 Lumen Solar Flashlight
Hybrid Solar Flashlight LED- 120 Lumens
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The Hybrid Solar Lite uses revolutionary technology that generates power from sunlight and stores it. When fully charged the Hybrid Solar Lite can hold a charge for years. This Hybrid LED flashlight is rechargable, eco friendly and even waterproof!


  • Features Super Bright 120 Lumen LED bulb. 11 continuous years of burn time on LED or 22 years of burn time when in the on position only at night.
  • 8 hours charge in sunlight or roomlight will provide up to 6 hours of continuous bright light - can be charged over and over again.
  • Holds a single charge for over 3 years and comes fully charged.
  • Does not need to be stored in the sun - throw it in your glove box or drawer and three years later, just turn it on!
  • Back up battery has a 7 year shelf life. Roll it up in a sleeping bag and forget you own it - turn it on 7 years later; then simply put it in the sun or room light for a day and have a 3 year solar charge again.
  • Features power source indicator lights - red light is charging, yellow light is solar power, and green light is back up battery power.
  • Treat it like a regular flashlight as it is always ready to go because it's always gathering light (recharging). You won't need to replace batteries that cause landfill pollution.
  • Hybrid Solar Lite is 100% water proof up to depths of 80' and it floats!
  • Extreme temperatures do not affect the light - very durable and guaranteed for life.

  • Size: Single Flashlight, Color: Black, Vers.: 120 Lumens

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