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Probiotic Household Cleaning Bundle

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Beyond Green, Beyond Clean! Use our probiotic cleaning products to create a balanced bacterial flora in your environment, and live clean and healthy inside and out.

This bundle includes:
- Probiotic Liquid Dish Soap 16.9 fl oz
- Multisurface Cleaner with Probiotics 16.9 fl oz
- Stain and Odour Remover with Probiotics 25.3 fl oz
- Anti-allergen Spray with Probiotics 16.9 fl oz


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Probiotic Household Bundle
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Probiotic Household Bundle:

Probiotic Liquid Dish Soap - is our most popular classic liquid dish soap with probiotics. This product has a fresh zesty scent. International product award recipient! Quickly removes grease, burnt, and fresh food particles, provides shine, does not leave streaks. Does not irritate the skin and no need to use protective gloves. Highly effective at removing persistent odors in slow cookers and in sink trash disposals (you will notice a difference in your kitchen sink drain smells). 17 fluid ounces.

Multisurface Cleaner with Probiotics - universal cleaner with powerful cleaning action for various solid surfaces (table tops, counters, shelves, walls, ovens, microwaves, sinks, etc.). Well suited for kitchen countertops (granite), refrigerator interiors and exteriors, stainless steel safe. Do not use with antibacterial products!

Stain and Odour Remover with Probiotics - unique formula quickly removes fresh organic stains and dirt from clothing, carpets, upholstery furniture and other textiles. Effectively eliminates food-related, smoke, and other stubborn unpleasant odors. Spray on the stain or the odor source, leave for a few minutes and absorb the moisture with a dry cloth or tissue.

Anti-allergen Spray with Probiotics - contains probiotic bacteria which reduce the amount of allergens (secretion of dust mites, animals’ dandruff, etc.) in the sprayed area. Use for textiles: mattresses, bedding, upholstery, furniture, toys, pet bedding, and areas of high trafick. Shake well before use. Spray on the desired surface twice a week; pay extra attention to seams and stiches when using in the textiles. Recommended to spreay every time when changing the bedding.

Beyond Green, Beyond Clean! Use our probiotic cleaning products to create a balanced bacterial flora in your environment, and live clean and healthy inside and out. Conventional cleaners and disinfectants eliminate all the bacteria in your environment. The “bad guys” or pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed with these cleaners, but so are the “good guys” or probiotics that provide beneficial protection.

Evidence suggests that frequent use of strong chemical detergents may be harmful. Once we eradicate all bacteria in our environment, we do not become healthier. Rather, chemicals can weaken our immune system by enabling chemical-resilient bacteria to multiply.

Probiotics means “for life”! Unlike chemical cleaners, probiotic cleaners restore the balance in your environment by preserving beneficial microorganisms. Probiotic bacteria will keep your home cleaner and healthier. Our probiotic cleaning products are proven to be highly effective. Make the switch to probiotic cleaning products today and start living in a healthier, cleaner and safer environment! Probiosanus is the manufacturer and its mission is to create the highest quality probiotic-based cleaning and personal care products in the world.

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