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Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter

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Take a chlorine free shower! This is our most popular shower filter, removing at least 90% of the chlorine from your shower- leaving your skin softer and your body healthier. Easy to install, easy to use- each complete unit even comes with a water shut off valve to conserve water. 100% Made in the USA!


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Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter + Water Shut Off Valve + Showerhead
Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter + Water Shut Off Valve
Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter - Filter Replacement
  • Buy 2 for $31.00 each
  • Buy 4 for $29.00 each
Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter - Clear Housing Replacement
Low Flow Showerhead: Chrome 2.5 gpm
Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter
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Chlorine is a strong poison that chemically bonds to the protein in our hair and skin, destroying its natural ecology and making your shower potentially dangerous! It can severely affect the skin, and make your hair difficult to manage. Chlorine gas coming from steam can even irritate your eyes and your respiratory tract. Chlorine destroys bacteria by attacking and destroying anything organic. Unfortunately, you are totally organic.

Why our Transparent/Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter is the best:

  • No shower filter reduces chlorine more, eliminating at least 90% of the chlorine and other particulates
  • A special sediment prefilter prolongs the life of the filter
  • Special design saves 50% to 60% on energy costs
  • Each complete unit comes with a water shut off valve to conserve water
  • Filters without changing the pressure of the water
  • Clear polycarbonate "see - through" filter and housing lets you monitor the filter to see how much sediment is being trapped, and alerts you to when it needs to be changed.
  • 100% American Made!

  • Available complete with a low flow shower head or without. The low-flow showerhead is chrome finished and has an output of 2.5 gallons per minute. Replacement shower filters available in single or double packs.

    When to Replace:
    We recommend replacing the filter every 6-9 months, depending on your usage and household size to keep this chlorine busting machine in good shape. Please do not wait longer than 12 months to change your filter. The filter naturally darkens with use and time, and when it turns black, you know its time for a replacement. Two other signs it's time to change the filter out are if you begin to smell a chlorine-like scent in the water, or if you notice decreased water pressure.

    *Please maintain your filter. If it continues to be used after its life-span has passed, water will not run through it, eventually cracking the casing - so it is vital be aware of the status of your filter.

    Buying Options:
    Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter + Water Shut Off Valve + Showerhead
    Transparent Deluxe Chlorine Removing Shower Filter + Water Shut Off Valve
    Replacement Housing Only
    Replacement Filter Only
    Low Flow Showerhead Only

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    Wonderful Shower Filter Review by Motor City 2015
    How Green
    I've had this filter for several yrs and only change the filter once a yr, if you have more pp than one I'd change it twice a yr or more if more pp using, it is wonderful! Takes all the dryness out of your hair, skin, and I want one for my whole house, bath, sinks, kitchen etc. You'll notice a huge difference when you take a bath without the shower filter how dry and tight your skin is. When showing with the filter wow it does wonders, the pelican works great too!
    Would recommend to anyone who wants to shower without chlorine!

    (Posted on 12/22/15)
    Love Showering Clean Review by Chris
    How Green
    My husband and I have had this filter setup on our shower for many years, replacing the filter (the housing is a one-time purchase) about every 12 months. It feels so good to have chlorine-free water washing our skin and hair rather than adding a toxin to a daily routine.
    (Posted on 8/27/15)

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