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Bidematic - Hot & Cold Water Bidet System

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Bidets are no longer taboo. This DIY bidet toilet attachment is for cold water hook-up. Available for 1-piece toilets or 2-piece toilets. Hot and Cold water hook up also available.

As an essential part of regular hygiene, or for relief from specific discomforts, nothing compares to the convenience and effectiveness of a personal bidet. Now, having a bidet in your bathroom is easy and affordable. With a simple installation procedure (see video) - and without the need for a costly separate fixture - most toilets can be transformed to perform as refreshing bidets.


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Bidematic - Hot & Cold Water Bidet System 2 piece toilet
Hot and Cold Water
Bidematic - Hot & Cold Water Bidet System 1 piece toilet
Hot and Cold Water
Bidematic Replacement Knobs
Bidet for toilet
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Consider this revolutionary product if you have a history of urinary tract infections or hemmoroids. A lot of women have urinary infections from the practice of using toilet paper. Not only is toilet paper completely unnecessary, water provides a cooling action that helps the system far more than paper does. Additionally, water offers 100% cleanliness, which paper cannot do.

A lot of men as well as women have hemmoroids from the use of TP as well, but again, there is an alternative. Think twice before continuing support an industry of creams, ointments and pads. Some of the treatments for these problems are petroleum based, and cause their own health problems. Don't take our word for it...do the research and learn for yourself the benefits of washing with water.

Green Home deeply believes this is a truly green product. You're saving a tree. You're saving the waste stream. And the amount of water and electricty that goes into making TP is huge. Almost 2 million homes can be powered for a whole year with the same electricity it takes to make TP for us Americans for one year.


Whats all the fuss over a little toilet paper?
In ONE DAY America alone uses 34,000,000 rolls which to produce takes:

  • 221,000 trees
  • 255,000,000 gallons of water
  • 88,000,000 lbs of Greenhouse Gasses
  • 161,000 KWH of electricity
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