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SolSource Solar Grill

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SolSource is a high-performance parabolic solar cooker that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking with zero fuel and zero emissions. It is an innovative way to BBQ, grill, steam, bake, boil or fry with solar energy, and works great in your backyard, balcony, rooftop, resilience site, or for car/RV camping.

Faster than Charcoal, Cleaner than Gas.


Modern Design
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Inspired by the problem of indoor pollution from household stoves faced by rural families in China, it is the first of a growing range of products in One Earth Designs’ mission to bring innovative and clean energy solutions to people around the world.

Powerful - On sunny days, boils 1 liter of water in 10 minutes, reaches grilling and baking temperatures in 5 minutes and searing temperature within 10 minutes.
Durable - Designed and tested in the Himalayan mountains, it withstands even the toughest environmental conditions. The frame is made from carbon steel, and the panels from outdoor endurance plastic.
Versatile - Pot stand can support most cookware, kettles, pots and grill pans. Can be used to grill, steam, bake, boil or fry.
Fuel-free and Emission-free - Operates purely on solar energy. Does not require burning fuels that release carcinogenic fumes.
Easy to Use - Align the reflective dish so that the focal point hits the bottom of your pot, and you are ready to cook.
Easy to Clean - Spray down or pour water on the panels before and after use.
Safe - Aside from the pot stand, nothing on the solar cooker gets hot. The cover turns off the dish.
Low Maintenance - No operating costs, as it requires no fuel or special cleaning fluids.
Responsibly manufactured - Initial material selection was made using Sustainable Minds software. High quality and easy to replace individual parts prolongs the life of the product.

- This 4-foot wide reflective disc concentrates the sun's rays directly to your food offering clean fresh healthy cooking.
- Use your own pot, pan or grill plate, the choice is yours! It can boil water in as little as 10 minutes and grill a steak in 20.
- No need to worry about refilling a propane tank or burning toxic charcoal. Clean Healthy Taste.
- Base is made of high grade steel, Top is an acrylic material similar to a windsheild.
- 4' Diameter disc with easily accessible cooking surface. Use your own pots, pans, and oven/cooktop safe vessels.
- 30 minutes to install, 40lbs.
- Developed in the Himalayan mountains as a cleaner burning cooking solution.

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