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Solar Nite Eyes Animal Predator Protection

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So you got your first chicken coop, gathering eggs and living off the land, and you are feeling good. But BEWARE! Those backyard chickens are prime targets for night predators- PROTECT THEM CHICKENS WITH SOLAR NITE EYES! Also works great for pesky Raccoons, Skunks, Badgers, Hawks, Deer, and even Bobcats and Bears while camping.



Protect your chickens from predators and still live green! Also great for protecting your compost bins and trash cans from nightly raidings!

So you got your first chicken coop, gathering eggs and living off the land, and you are feeling good. But BEWARE! Those backyard chickens are prime targets for night predators- PROTECT THEM CHICKENS WITH SOLAR NIGHT EYES! Also works great for pesky Raccoons, Skunks, Badgers, Hawks, Deer, and even Bobcats and Bears while camping.

Nocturnal Predators want to hunt and feedat night without being noticed.Any disruption to an ideal "attack"environment will cause them to hesitateand flee.Predators believe the Solar Nite Eyes maybe a set of eyes of another creature.This causes fear of the unknown and willkeep them away from your protected area.
This Concept simply Works!The Solar Nite Eyes will operatemaintenance free for years when usedproperly.

Solar Powered, Automatic Dusk to Dawn Shut Off, Weather-Proof, and Pet Safe!


Product Details:

The Solar Nite Eyes are maintenance free and operate automatically. There are no batteries to install or change. Simply place the Solar Nite Eyes at your desired location and at the proper height. Be Certain the Solar Panel is sitting on top where it will receive full sunlight daily--and that's it!

The Solar Nite Eyes employs LED technology. The Red LED's flash automatically at night and have a lifespan of 50,000+ plus hours so there is never a need to change bulbs.

The Solar Nite Eyes has a life expectancy of 3 years when used properly

Dimensions: Length 10cm, Width 4.5cm, Height 2.5cm. Weight = 80 grams

The Solar Nite Eyes has been proven effective to guard areas such as, but not limited to: Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, Flower Beds, Livestock, Poultry and Game Bird Pens, Campsites, Fishponds, around Trash Bins, etc.

The Solar Nite Eyes protects against fox, cougar, bobcat, mink, coyotes, raccoons, deer, bear, wild boar, oppossum, skunk, owls, hawks, and more!

It is often recommended that 4 units are used and deployed in a 360 Degree format to keep approaching Predators at bay from each direction. If needed, our knowledgeable Customer Support Staff will be happy to recommend what is best for you.


Product FAQs:

Q: How does the Nite Eyes work?
The Nite Eyes is a self contained, maintenance free solar powered unit. There are no batteries to change and the unit operates automatically without the need of any switches. The Nite Eyes is "off" and charging during the day, then switches "on" automatically at Dusk. It will flash all night then switch "off" at"Dawn" and resume another charging cycle.. The high efficiency solar panel sits on top of the unit where it absorbs the suns rays and recharges the internal battery. The Nite Eyes employs high intensity Red LED's that emit a piercing flash to animals at night causing them to flee the area. The LED's have a life of 50,000 hours so there is never a need to change bulbs.

Q: How long will it take to charge the Nite Eyes?
The Nite Eyes is shipped with a partially charged battery, It is recommended to charge the unit for 3 full days in direct sunlight before installation. This will bring the unit up to or near a full charge. To maintain proper operation, the unit needs to be installed so the solar panel is facing up and unobstructed from the direct rays of the sun.

Q: How long will the Nite Eyes work?
The Nite Eyes should operate maintenance free for up to 3 years. To ensure maximum life, it is imperative to place the unit in direct sunlight so it may fully recharge daily. If deployed in the winter, be sure to wipe excess snow off the panel

Q: How far does Night Eyes reach?
The Nite Eyes can be seen up to 2000 feet if unobstructed at eye level. The intensity of the flash is set to have maximum effect on night time animals to instill fear and cause them to flee.

Q: What animals fear the Nite Eyes?
Almost all animals the hunt or feed at night will fear the Nite Eyes. The set of Red flashing lights mimics a set of eyes, this causes animals to flee the area and seek another area where they are not being watched and fell less threatened. These include: fox, bobcats, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, bear, cougar, mountain lion, wild boar, mink, skunk, and owls

Q: What is the Warranty on the Nite Eyes?
The Nite Eyes comes with a 1 year Warranty against defect.

Q: How do I mount the Nite Eyes?
The Nite Eyes has two mounting tabs at each end of the unit. Use a small screw or nail to mount to your post. Be certain not to hit the unit with a hammer if using nails. Please check the installation tab for instructions on placement.

Q: Does the light only work in one direction?
Yes, it is one directional and has an approx. 30 degree angle of sight as one moves to the right or left away from it. This explains the need for spacing between lights.

Product Installation: Usage Recommendations:

Remove the black, protective tape that covers the solar panel. Install the light in the area to be protected and where it will receive about 4-hours of daylight (See 'Positioning Your NE' below). Each unit has a tab on each side which will accept a screw for mounting on a post or stake or use the magnetic base to attach. Even though they are very well built, do not attempt to hammer on or jar the unit excessively as this could cause internal damage.

NOTE: NE will begin to operate the very fi rst night, however, it will take 3-4 days for the light to be become fully charged. If the light is placed in an area where it will not receive enough sunlight to maintain its charge you may see the operation of the light become weak or even stop. In this situation, simply place the light in direct sunlight for a 1-2 day period or until fully charged. This product is designed for outdoor use. It is light sensitive, meaning it provides protection all night ... dusk to dawn.

Animals that hunt or feed at night are very determined to get at your gardens, livestock, garbage cans, etc. They will circle the entire area looking for a safe lane to enter. The Nite Eyes flash must be seen for them to flee the area. Positioning of the Nite Eyes is critical as spelled out above. Always be certain to protect all angles of entry. This often times means that 4 units will be needed to safeguard all entry points. Remember to position the unit at the eye level of the animal you want to be protected against.

  • 1. MOUNTING NITE EYES FOR SMALL ANIMALS For small predators like raccoons, opossum, skunks, badgers, etc. place the lights approximately 20 feet apart, around your perimeter (all four sides of the area if applicable). be sure to place the units eye level to the predators at approximately 12 inches off the ground. Lights should be facing outwards facing on coming animals.
  • 2. MOUNTING NITE EYES FOR LARGE ANIMALS For larger animals like bear, wild boar, coyote, mountain lion, bobcat and fox place the Nite Eyes approximately 30 feet apart surrounding your perimeter. Be certain to place units at each angle to ensure stoppage from every direction. The units need to be placed at an approximate eye level of 24 inches from the ground. Nite eyes should be facing out towards approaching animals.
  • 3. MOUNTING NITE EYES FOR OWLS AND HAWKS Owls and Hawks will approach from different heights as opposed to a land animal. Placement becomes even more critical. With the wide angle light emitted from the Nite Eyes, a height of 8 feet from the ground is sufficient to repel approaching Hawks or Owls. The Nite Eyes should face each direction so each angle is protected as they will circle to find an open lane to attack.
    The Solar Nite Eyes will play a critical role in repelling Deer at night. Deer are more intelligent and have a keen sense of their surroundings. They will observe the Nite Eyes and will not approach the area, However, it is recommended that the placement of the Night Eyes be shifted a few feet weekly as the deer may sense the placement as stationary and and get bolder to approach closer and inspect. By moving the Nite eyes on a frequent basis you are ensuring a new pattern for the deer to observe and to keep the Deer at a safe distance. this frequent shifting is critical and it should get the deer to eventually seek a new area. Place the Nite Eyes facing outward in each direction to stop intrusion from every angle. Mount the units 4 feet from the ground.
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