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Clean green sun power, that is what you need to rely on, not batteries. Solar powered appliances and products are powered by a clean energy source that’s available even in times of emergency. If the electricity goes out in your home, you can always have solar power as a backup way to use the things you need such as a flashlight, radio, or oven. You can also use these items while camping or traveling. Some of our solar products that can be used in an emergency include a solar oven, flashlights and lanterns, radios, and cell phone and laptop chargers. Prepare for an emergency and ease your mind with our solar powered products and appliances.

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  1. Hybrid Solar Lantern LED 280 Lumens

    Hybrid Solar Lantern LED 280 Lumens

    Never be without a light! Great for emergencies, in the garage, on the boat, in the attic, on vacation, at the cabin, camping, or in the car, this Hybrid LED Lantern is rechargable, eco friendly and comes with 12V auto charger and AC adapter! Learn More
  2. 10W Portable Solar Charging Station

    10W Portable Solar Charging Station

    Power when you need it, where you need it! Whether you're drawn to Solar Power for the cost saving benefits or you're trying to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, solar systems are more affordable than ever before. The Solar-2-Go is a complete portable solar charging station. Learn More
  3. Solar Nite Eyes Animal Predator Protection

    Solar Nite Eyes Animal Predator Protection

    So you got your first chicken coop, gathering eggs and living off the land, and you are feeling good. But BEWARE! Those backyard chickens are prime targets for night predators- PROTECT THEM CHICKENS WITH SOLAR NITE EYES! Also works great for pesky Raccoons, Skunks, Badgers, Hawks, Deer, and even Bobcats and Bears while camping. Learn More
  4. Sunrise 1050 Attic Fan

    SunRise1050 Solar-Powered Attic Fan

    Help lower your energy bills by installing a solar powered attic fan.Regardless of the time of year, the SunRise solar powered attic fan can save you up to 30% on your cooling costs by releasing excess heat in your attic > Learn More
  5. Modern Design

    SolSource Solar Grill

    SolSource is a high-performance parabolic solar cooker that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking with zero fuel and zero emissions. It is an innovative way to BBQ, grill, steam, bake, boil or fry with solar energy, and works great in your backyard, balcony, rooftop, resilience site, or for car/RV camping. Faster than Charcoal, Cleaner than Gas. Learn More
  6. Grill plate for solsource solar grill

    SolSource Solar Grill Pan with Lid

    The perfect addition for your SolSource Solar Grill! This Grill pan was designed to make solar grilling easy. Grill veggies, steak, burgers and more using only the power of the sun. Healthiest option for grilling, plus its fast! Heats up faster than charcoal and with no fuel to burn, the flavor is true. Takes only 10min to create the perfect grilled burger. Taste your food, not your fuel. Learn More
  7. Solar Sun Rings

    Solar Swimming Pool Heating Covers

    Eco-friendly heating for your pool! 21,000 BTUs heat output per ring! Learn More
  8. Solar Panel Pole Mount

    Solar Panel Pole Mount

    Get your Solar Panels closer to the sun and working overtime with a heavy duty pole mount to keep the panels in ideal position and free from shade and shadow. Learn More

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