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Our mission is simple: "Green First What Matters Most." When you green your home. you green the planet, regardless of what you define as green. Green Home provides products and information for healthy, simple living, starting in our own backyards, literally.

More than any government institution, media outlet, or corporation, the real power to make change lies with our everyday choices. By encouraging sustainable consumption, we are creating a demand for green products. When we achieve this mission, empowerment happens.

While we support giving money to environmental causes, going to rallies in the park, even sitting in a tree (especially!), the big change will come when people and companies realize it's in their best interest to be more environmentally responsible.

When people want something, it gets made. You just have to ask. The desire for green products is well-documented and growing. Whether based on personal health concerns or larger, altruistic concerns--or both--most people would buy green products if they were easily available, worked as well, and cost more or less the same.

And that is our mission: to satisfy these criteria honestly and selectively and grow that market. No greenwashing allowed here! We want to make people aware that sustainable alternatives exist for just about everything we use on a daily basis, and they're beautiful, and they're here. We want to be the voice for a collective shout that demands: show us the green!

Making a difference and saving the earth requires "walking the walk" in addition to "talking the talk." Our agenda is one of spirit, rather than politics. We are looking for a revolution in hearts and minds, in the very consciousness of the lives we live, where we live. It's a revolution that starts with greening the home. Start greening today.

Green first what matters most. Your trusted online source for green products since 1999
Green Home is the original online ecostore, based in San Francisco, California, in the heart of both the environmental and cleantech industries. Since 1999 Greenhome.com has played its part as one of the most comprehensive online resources for greening your home and greening your business. Our company is on a mission to green the world, one person (and one business) at a time. While all of our products are eco-friendly, we are especially passionate about compostable plates, cups, bowls, cutlery & utensils, take out containers and bags.  If more businesses and individuals switched from disposable to compostable we could make a real impact on the world!

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