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Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinating Filter

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Grow beautiful, vibrant, healthy hydroponic plants with the Rainshowr Green Knight dechlorinator and restore the natural balance to your soil. Easy to use and made in the USA! Simply attach the unit to your hose and water!


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Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinating Filter
Green Knight Filter w/ 3 ft hose saver
Green Knight Hydroponic Pre-Filter (Optional)
pre-filter w/ 3 ft custom hose saver
Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinating Filter
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The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinating filter is designed to reduce Free Available Chlorine (FAC) in tap water when filling hydroponic nutrient tanks. Depending on the pH of the water it may reduce chloramine compounds also. Chloramine reduction is less effective on highly alkalized water.

The Green Knight is a non-cartridge filter which attaches to your hose bib with our specially designed 3 foot vinyl reinforced hose saver. The Green Knight contains 2 lbs of KDF-55 atomized brass (redox material), 2 oz of Rainshow'r energized Crystal to reduce water cluster size, 0.6 oz (approximately 1800 linear feet of surface area) of KDF formula 73 brass filament for destabilizing the bond between chlorine and ammonia. Also included is a 1.5 inch polyester Pre-filter to trap particular matter thereby increasing media performance and efficiency.

This unit can also be used with the Gard'n Gro Optional Pre-filter for optimized filtration.

Please follow the instructions regarding freezing and refrigerator storage when not used for four weeks or more.

The Gardn' Gro and the Green Knight are designed for garden and hydroponic use not as a drinking water filter. They are not designed to remove particulate matter or other contaminants such as organic chemicals from drinking water. Please also note that these filtration systems are not recommended for use in filling fish ponds.

The Green Knight specifications:

  • Removes 85% - 90% of Free Available Chlorine (FAC)
  • The Green Knight operating parameters:

    Do not allow the filter to freeze. Back flush filter monthly to preserve ideal flow rate. Once the filter has been used, run water through the filter at least twice monthly, or store in a refrigerator to prevent media oxidization.

    The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator is now molded in white UV resistant polypropylene. The Green Cap which distinguishes it from the Gard'n Gro is a green polypropylene cap.

    Pre-Filter Features:

    The Optional Gard'n Gro Pre-Filter is made in the USA and has these beneficial features :

    This unique, custom made prefilter was designed by and for Rainshow'r Mfg. A leading manufacturer of fine mesh screens for the water treatment industry, Ron-Vik, Inc., lends their expertise by making the special filter screens and strainer body.
    This is an industrial quality prefilter modified for garden use and is 100% made in the U.S.A.
    It features a 15 micron, double screen that can filter out sediment up to 5 times smaller than a human hair! We offer a 1 year warranty on the interior screens and a lifetime warranty on all other parts.
    Use of this prefilter drastically reduces the amount of sediment that reaches the KDF media in the GARD'N GRO Garden filter, thus optimizing its electro-chemical action and effectiveness over a longer period of time.

    The prefilter comes with our new three foot, high pressure, nylon re-inforced, flexible, vinyl hose saver. Fitted with chrome plated, brass, 3/4" inch fittings with brass inserts. The hose saver connects the garden faucet to the hose saver inlet to prevent prefilter damage from hose whipping. This is same quality hose saver that comes standard with every GARD'N GRO Garden Filter. (Made in the U.S.A.)

  • Reduces chloramine 50% - 60% in pH balanced water (low seven range)
  • 30,000 gallon capacity (based on water quality and usage)
  • Recommended flow rate: 2 gpm
  • Temperature range: 40 F to 110 F
  • Max pressure: 100 psi
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