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I am always looking for products which promotes sustainability and responsible stewardship of our planet. The Cincinnati Nature Center gift shop uses GreenHome products in our coffee bar. Ordering on-line is easy and customer service is excellent. There is a variety of sustainable products from which to choose.  I am very satisfied with the overall performance of this company. Thanks!
  - Marilyn B.
  Milford, OH

Greenhome.com has been amazing. I love that there is someone available if I ever have questions. They also offer to send me samples if we are looking at trying a different size, or product. Their compostable and bio-degradable products are what brought us to their site and the customer service is what keeps us coming back!
  - Nikki E., LIV Aveda Salon & Spa
  Mankato, MN

I love shopping at greenhome.com for compostable trash bags and other earth-friendly products. All of us playing our part to live more gently is  an important mission and greenhome.com is a part of that for me. On top of the great products is wonderful, reliable customer service-thank you for being a company that is a pleasure to do business with.
  - Lori B.
  Atlanta, GA

PCA Skin was introduced to Greenhome almost 5 years ago by our architect when we moved into our new 10,000 square foot office. The owners are very environmentally conscious and we started purchasing products from Greenhome (we typically only purchase hot coffee cups and lids). I am very pleased with the quality of the products. The online ordering process is very simple and the confirmation and communication from this organization is great! I also really appreciate that Elizabeth Minieri, who is our service representative, is available to help when needed. She is very responsive and positive! It's fantastic to have someone to talk with if a problem arises. We had our shipment go awry (not Greenhome's doing) and Elizabeth jumped in and ensured that our order was delivered quickly because we were running out of supplies! We will continue to use Greenhome for all paper goods needs! Again, than you for making my job easier!
  - Marisa W.
  Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks so much for your follow-up and great customer service. The products are fantastic! I hope to order from you in the future.
  - Karen L.
  Colorado Springs, CO

Greenhome is a great curation site for all sorts of home and personal products made with healthy materials and ingredients. You are bound to find useful, lovely, and interesting products that are either essential or complimentary to your home, body, and life. Greenhome has always provided quite excellent customer service, as well. Thanks!
  - Karena K.
  Amarillo, TX

Love shopping with you! Great site that I shall happily pass on to friends and family members.
  - Cindy Y.
  Martin, TN

I work for a fast paced, growing brewing company. I have been ordering products from GreenHome.com for over a year now. Orders always arrive in a timely fashion, and customer service is exceptionally friendly. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experiences with Green Home!
  - Alicia L., Cheboygan Brewing Company
  Cheboygan, MI

The more I read about all the nasty chemicals in cleaning products, the more happy I am to have found you. I'll be telling people about you.
  - Barbara T.
  Thornton, CO

Thanks for your service and for replying to my questions so fast. That is the key to a great business and you are doing it very well.
  - Rafael R.
  Caguas, Puerto Rico

Green Home provides a broad range of products for those of us seeking to make our homes safer from the world’s pollution. Their service and overall purchasing experience is friendly, efficient and easy.
  - Chris P.
  Cameron Park, CA

You got back to me with an offer of help very quickly. That makes a difference, and I appreciate it.
  - William S.

I had no idea my order was being hand-made! Far out!!! 
  - Janice L.
  Natick, MA

Thanks very much for the follow up, and the items are exactly what I needed!
  - Jim R.
  Anaheim, CA

No more bottled water, no more wasted money, a little less damage to the earth on my part. Everyday I strive to make earth-friendly changes in my life and I am very happy that Green Home has helped me in realizing some of these decisions. I'm sure I'll be shopping with Green Home again. I have to say it was the best customer service experience I have ever had. Thank you for providing a wonderful alternative avenue for earth-friendly shopping. The web is an amazing resource that allows the consumer to make smart choices in whom they choose to business with. There may be a Walmart down the street but Green Home is just a click away. I not only priced the terra cotta filtration system but also made a decision to shop with a company that I felt was both reputable and earth-friendly. That is consumer empowerment! Now if only I worked for a company like Green Home!
  - Elizabeth H.
  Reading, MA

I am very happy with the product. They seem to be of very good quality. You are in my "favorites" on my computer and I will probably be doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks very much for all your help.
  - Christopher C.
 Meriden, CT

Thank you for such a prompt reply. You blew my socks off. I am glad that I found your site. I will be back, looking for something different. 
  - Anne S.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your immediate and continuing attention to my concern. I am really enjoying the filter; my eyes don't burn any longer from the water. Your company deserves runaway success for the way you treat your customers. I have NEVER been treated with such care and amazing speed before this. I am truly impressed and wish you nothing but the best. I will relate my experiences to my fellow students at Palmer.
  - Ellie T.
 Palmer College of Chiropractic
 Davenport, IA

I have been checking out your site for the past couple of days, and it is awesome! What a great resource for people who want to buy low-impact goods! I also love the Toxipedia section. Very informative. 
  - Nina M.
 Ypsilanti, MI

Your service has been wonderful!
  - Amye K.
  Jackson, TN

I emailed the link to some friends and will definitely be back.
  - Karin C.
  Austin, TN

I appreciate your personal attention to my order and more specifically, explaining the delivery.
  - Gail K.
  Thousand Oaks, CA

I am still so impressed with how much you care about your company and its customers, and I really enjoyed our brief contact--it's nice to know there are still people out there who care about doing the right thing, and doing a great job. 
  - Susan T.
  Sterling, VA

I want to thank-you for rekindling a young man's hope and faith in his fellow man.
  - Pedro Z.

We are happy with our new vacuum cleaner bags that arrived today. We will shop with your fine company again. Thanks. 
  - Ken P.
  Coupeville, WA

I was impressed by your site and philosophy. 
  - Richard B.
  Chicago, IL

I feel like we know each other! You have the BEST customer service I have ever experienced!
  - Colleen J.
  Buford, GA

I love that my daughter can now safely help me clean house. 
  - Julie T. 
  Hoodsport, WA

I am just so thrilled to actually find a company with the kind of customer service that you all have. My thanks to you.
  - Jennifer F.
  Tulsa, OK

The president actually called me the day before New Years to try to help with the problem. That is really customer service! 
  - Carolyn C.
  Balboa Island, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the products I received. Thanks a bunch!
  - Roseann D. 
  San Francisco, CA

I really appreciate your kindness and patience, as well as your willingness to correct MY mistake... It says a lot for your character.
  - Cord M.

Thank you, I appreciate the quick response!
  - Sara N.
  Washington, NW

Thanks very much. What great customer service!
  - Tracy W.
  Big Rapids, MI

Thank you so much. I received the Orange Guard today. And thanks for the extra mouse trap. Hope I don't need it! You are great - I will order again!
  - Laura P.
  Pennsauken, NJ

My mattress pad arrived yesterday! That was fast!...It looks beautiful and well made; I'm impressed and pleased....I think I'm going to love it.
  - Lisa S.
  Silver Sprngs, MD

You have terrific customer service. Everyone really pitched in to make sure my order was correct and on its way. Also, you have tremendous products.
  - Taresa U.
  Virginia Beach, VA

Hello! I just stumbled on to your website. It almost made me cry. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to know there are companies like yours who are not only committed to the environment, but to bringing quality green products within the reach of the everyday consumer. Kudos to you all!
  - Melissa H.

I've tried cotton filters on metal hoops. The filters were so large they wouldn't filter properly and the hoops came apart. I tried hemp filters, but they were so bulky they caved in. I tried cotton filters that were so tight they finally shredded. Then I tried yours: It filters well, it's capacious, but not heavy. Works beautifully. Thank you!
  - Kathleen R.
  Berkeley, CA

I love your products, and now that I know that nice people are running your operation, I'll make sure to send all of my friends your way.
  - Jonathan B.
  San Francisco, CA

Hi Green Home, I have received my new corn forks and we all loved them and couldn't believe they were made from a natural source, thanks.
  - Linda G.
  Palenville, NY

Hello folks - I don't know how I missed your site for the last 5 years but just discovered it. It's fantastic what you are doing!
  - Kimble H.
  Carmel, CA

Let me just say that your site is a fantastic resource for enviro-friendly products! Thanks, Dave.
  - David S.
  Harrisburg, PA

After using it [Transparent/Deluxe Shower Filter] my skin felt much softer, not so dry and itchy. I felt more refreshed and alert after my shower. You don't realize how chlorine affects you until you eliminate it. Thank you for a great product!
  - Lois H.
  Burlington, KS

I just wanted to thank you again for shipping my new Light Box to me so quickly. You were the most reasonably priced place that I found on the internet for that particular model, PLUS you had such a super fast shipping time!
  - Steve S.
  Wichita, KS

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Green Home is the original online ecostore, based in San Francisco, California, in the heart of both the environmental and cleantech industries. Since 1999 Greenhome.com has played its part as one of the most comprehensive online resources for greening your home and greening your business. Our company is on a mission to green the world, one person (and one business) at a time. While all of our products are eco-friendly, we are especially passionate about compostable plates, cups, bowls, cutlery & utensils, take out containers and bags.  If more businesses and individuals switched from disposable to compostable we could make a real impact on the world!

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