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Earth Tea Brewer 22gallon

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Compost Tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from Vermicompost and or compost.

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Earth Tea Brewer 22 gallon
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Compost Tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from Vermicompost and or compost. Starting with a high quality, microbial rich compost is the first key in making quality Compost Tea. After that there are four essentials in creating the best possible growing situation for the microbes: Water, Air, Food and Comfort. The water should be clean, de- chlorinated, potable water.

Our Earth Tea Brewers employee a dual aeration system insuring that the microbes have adequate oxygen available which takes care of the air need. When it comes to food we have done the work for you. Our pre-packaged Nutrient mixes are blended to feed the diverse population of both bacteria and fungi. Now that you have provided the microbes with these first three essentials you have then created a comfortable environment for them to propagate in.

Uses of Compost Tea:

Compost Tea can be used as a soil application or a foliar spray. In a soil application the rates range from 8 to 20 gallons per acre, dependant on the soil and plants needs. Soil applications will put the microbes to work where they are needed most. Working with the plants, other microbes, nutrients and the soil to suppress disease, improve soil structure, retain nutrients and increase soil water holding ability.

In foliar applications the recommended rate is 5 gallons per 5 feet of foliage, giving the plant at least 70% coverage on the leaf surface (top and bottom). That is not just plant height, but leaf area as well. With a strong foliar application the plant is occupied by beneficial microbes that will out compete pest or disease, leaving no room for infection.

Food for thought: If a man has cancer, does he have cancer because of a lack of chemotherapy in his body? Absolutely not! So it is with plants. Does a plant have a disease because of a lack of pesticides or herbicides? "Healthy plants" grow in soils that are vibrant and full of microbial life.

Compost Tea is a part of a healthy Sustainable program, and we always suggest that you have soil testing done in order to better understand what your crop needs.




  • Tank- 22 gallon
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  • Frame- Powder Coated finish
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  • Aeration System-The 22 gallon Earth Tea brewer uses a continuous duty water pump with a venturi style mixing nozzle. Adequate dissolved oxygen is critical in aerobic tea.
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  • Weight- 70 pounds
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  • Vermicompost needed per batch of tea: 2-3 pounds
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  • Fungal extraction is critical in a high quality compost tea. Enough energy needs to be supplied to properly extract microbial populations without destroying them with too much energy. The ETB-22 employs an aerated water to supply to enhance the extraction process 
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  • Easy to clean tank with removable piping for cleaning and inspection.
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  • Power Requirements- 110 volt 15 amp GFI circuit
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  • Application Rate: 8-20 gallons per acre
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  • Heavy Duty vermicompost basket
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