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  • Energy Efficient 

Composting Toilet - Non-Electric Unit

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Self-contained, no odor, plumbing, or septic composting toilet.


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Looking for an ecologically sound toilet system? A system that is 100% non-polluting, completely odorless, and uses no water or septic? This toilet system, world renowned and number one in its class, may be a perfect fit for you! Use it in your home (like the president of Canada), your vacation house, pool house, on boats, and even in light commercial applications, the portable system can be used virtually anywhere.


  • Electricity-Free. Use where continuous AC electricity is not available!
  • Absolutely odorless- evaporates all liquids under normal use
  • Water-Free
  • The only NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified performer
  • Easy to Winterize- For colder temperatures/extreme cold unit may be used as holding tank
  • A complete one-piece system
  • Easy to clean with a durable shiny finish
  • 33.33"x33"X22.5" (Height-Depth-Width)

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    Suitable for :
    Weekend/ vacation - 5 adults or families of 7
    Residential/ Continuous - 2 adults/ family of 3

    Owner's manual and warranty card
    Peatmix (Peakmoss and wood chips) to be added one (1) cup a day
    Aerobic Microbes (for decomposing waste very quickly without gases or odors)
    "Compost Quick" bacteria for inoculating waste and Rake for periodic clearing of evaporating chamber

    Drum should be rotated every 3-4 days
    1" emergency drain (included)
    4" Stack (Included)
    Optional 12 Volt DC fan for vent (included)

    Save the environment. Recycle back to nature!

    Size: 31.5"x32.5"x22.5", Wt: 5095, Color: White

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