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Composter - JK 400

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Now available in 106 gallon capacity! Possibly the most effective and efficient composters in the world, these Swedish made composters have been used for years in Scandinavia to reduce kitchen and yard waste. The JK - series proven technology helps households to reduce both the burden of waste in landfills and trash collection charges while creating a valuable fertilizer for the garden in just a few weeks.


Composter JK 400
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Possibly the most effective and efficient insullated omposters in the world, the Swedish made JK series composters have been used for years in Scandanavia to reduce kitchen, restaurant, school and yard waste. The JK - series proven technology helps to reduce both the burden of waste in landfills and trash collection charges, while creating a valuable fertalizer for the garden. The JK400 is great for larger capacity needs and creates fertalizer hygenically - in a rodent free casing, with a minimum of fuss and mess, and without use of chemicals or worms. The JK400 has been independently tested in both Sweden and England.

The JK 400 is the perfect size composter for use in larger families, restaurants, schools and larger quantities of kitchen and garden waste. In schools and kindergardens the JK 400 can be used as a wonderful educational tool!

In addition to waste, which has a high nitrogren content, a source of carbon must be added to provide an energy source for the microorganisms. This is done by adding sawdust or wood pellets when adding the waste. Add wood pellets in the ratio of 10:1 (waste to pellet) by volume. Add sawdust at a ratio of 3:1 (waste to sawdust). The wood pellets or sawdust absorb moisture and keep the mixture relatively dry. Wood shavings are not as successful but conconut fibre or dry, chopped straw can also be used with success. It takes around 6-8 weeks from starting to fill to production of compost - so once both chambers are in operation you should be able to empty one chamber every 3-4 weeks or so.

Suitable Composting Materials:

  • raw and cooked food scraps - vegetable, meat, or fish
  • cardboard (cut up) and egg trays
  • coffee grounds and tea bags
  • compostable bagasse containers
  • garden waste (except hard, woody stems and branches)

    Note to cat or rabbit Owners: Wood pellets are also available for use as litter, so this is an excellent enviromentally-friendly way of disposing of your cat or rabbit waste!

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    Key Features:

    • - Ease of Roation - designed to crank easily and only necessary when you add waste
    • - Insulating Properties - generates heat which encourages microorganism growth and efficient composting even in winter!
    • - Dual Compartments - fill one side while making compost in the other for a continuous process with no waste buildup!
    • - Rodent-proof design - no possibility of pests accessing waste


    • - Insulation: 2.16 inch polyethylene plastic
    • - Weight: Approx 167 lbs
    • - Volume: 14.2 cubic feet (106 gallons)
    • - Dimensions: 55”L, 32” W, 53” H
    • - Polyethylene and Galvanized, powder coated steel
    • - Capacity: 13-21 Gal/week
    • - Suitable for: Larger families, restaurants, schools and larger quantities of kitchen and garden waste.

    Shipping information:

    • - Carrier: UPS (UPS ground)
    • - Shipping Rate: $150.00 flat shipping fee
    • - Shipping time: 3-7 days
    • - Product Condition: Shipped unassembled
    • - Assembly time: 60 min
    • - Assembly Instructions: In box

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