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Exterior PROx Deck & Patio Cleaner - 20 lb box

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Oxygen based deck and patio cleaner! Fast acting and CHLORINE free, this powerful non-toxic formula cleans the tough jobs yet is safe to use outdoors. Won’t harm landscaping, kids, pets or gnomes and breaks down quickly into natural components after use.

SKU# NC7088

Exterior PROx Deck & Patio Cleaner - 20 lb box
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Have you ever cleaned your deck and had the cleaning agent accidentally killed all the plants around the deck? Keep ALL your plants alive and well with this Deck & Patio Cleaner! Get rid of Algae, Mold and Mildew from your wood or composite decks, concrete, and brick surfaces.

PROx Deck & Patio Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner based on oxygen bleach. When mixed with water the Deck & Patio Cleaner releases oxygen which attaches and breaks down organic stains and dirt, but does NOT attack plants or other living things. On decks it removes the sun faded, oxidized and worn layers of wood bringing out the original appearance. Other ingredients assist the cleaning solution to wet the surface better, carry away soils from the surface being cleaned and boost the performance of the oxygen bleach.

Eco Profile:
* Natural Choices Deck & Patio Cleaner does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients.
* Cleans all your outdoor surfaces: wood, composite decking, brick, concrete, stucco and more.
* It will not harm your plants, flowers, grass or other vegetation.
* It will not harm or discolor your clothes.
* It is also safe to be used around your kids and your pets.
* No VOC's, chlorine, perfumes or dyes! Hypoallergenic!

* Not tested on Animals - As always!
* Eco-Responsible - We wouldn't have it any other way!
* Recyclable Packaging - Of Course!

Historically, cleaning products have been made by combining inexpensive ingredients like bleach, ammonia, alcohol and petroleum-derived surfactants. The majority of these products are also mostly water (up to 99%).

While these clean, we are only now starting to realize the long term effect that decades of use have had on our health, our children, our pets and our environment.

For more than a decade, Pacific Sands, Inc. / Natural Choices™ has had the underlying philosophy that we will manufacture products that rival conventional cleaners for their effectiveness, have little or no environmental impact, are as concentrated as possible, and are safe to use. So, it is with great pride that we present what we believe is the ultimate suite of simple, safe and effective household cleaning products.

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