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E-cloth Microfiber Kitchen Pack

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Clean without toxic chemicals - just add water to these amazing microfiber ecloths for an amazing sparkle and shine!

This Kitchen pack includes one all purpose ecloth with scrubbing corner pocket for extra power and one softer polishing ecloth for shine and gloss.

Works withouth cleaners through 300 washes! Save money, save time, save the earth- its that easy.

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Save Time, money and the environment, and get a superior clean with only water, by using Microfiber cloths!

Microfiber cloths are the perfect answer for people who are sensitive to cleaning products, because with these cloths, all you use is water! Amazing as it sounds, the properties of the fibers are such that the fibers themselves scrape, lift, absorb, and polish. In fact, using microfiber materials to clean a surface leads to reducing the number of bacteria by 99% whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces this number only by 33%.

Made of 80% polyester/20% polyamide. E-cloth sold in the U.S. has no chemical impregnation of any type.


The E-cloth is made from fibers more than 100 times finer than a human hair. These fibers are split until each square inch of cloth contains 1,200,000 strands! Each strand attracts dust, oils, grease and water, and scrapes through dirt, grime and residues like a razor. Because the fibers are so fine, they do not abrade your surface, but leave a high polish.

This Kitchen Pack comes with one general purpose cloth (12.5"x 12.5"), and one glass and polishing cloth (20"x16"). The general purpose cloth gives a deep clean by breaking up and holding thick grease and dirt. The glass & polishing cloth cleans and polishes all hard surfaces. Remove all the bacteria lingering in your kitchen with ease!

Made of the highest quality, both cloths are incredibly durable, and can be high heat washed and dried 300+ times, killing any bacteria which may have been picked up during the cleaning process.

By using these clothes, you will not only reduce your use of toxic chemicals in the home, but you would further help protect the environment by reducing your households' use of paper towels. In fact, did you know if every household eliminated the use of just one paper towel roll per year, 864,000 trees would be saves and 1.34 million cubic feet of land fill would be eliminated?

Purchasing this product also has the potential to save you money. Here's the math: The average household spends more than 600 dollars on cleaning products per year. Assuming the E-cloth eliminates the need for the disposable cleaning products used in only one tenth of all cleaning projects in a year, the savings on cleaning products is $60.


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