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Bagasse 5 Compartment Trays (500ct)

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Compostable Compartment Trays. These trays are made from Bagasse, a readily renewable resource - it's sugar cane stalk! The quality of these super-sturdy platters is astounding for the price. That no trees were harmed to make them is even better.

The compartment-size trays measure 10" x 8" x 1.0" and have 5 compartments.

*Please Note: There is a 25% restocking fee on all returned cases of compostables, please contact us for samples to test product before purchasing!

SKU# T009


Bagasse Compartment Trays

These trays are made from Bagasse, a readily renewable resource - it's sugar cane stalk!

The quality of these super-sturdy trays is astounding. They are as sturdy as the toughest paper tray on the market and hold up great under just about any conditions. More than that, they are absolutely beautiful in a light natural color.

No trees were harmed to make these trays and they're bleached with hydrogen peroxide, which means no harmful chlorine in our water supply! Bagasse is one of the hottest food service items on the market and we're proud to bring a wide variety of these products to you at great prices.


  • 100% biodegradable & compostable
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Oil resistant
  • Heat safe to 212 degrees F
  • Wood fiber free

  • Please note, composting is required for biodegradation and these compostable cups will biodegrade within 30 days in a commercial composting facility, and within 90 days in a home composting system.

    When using a 100% natural fiber product like Bagasse, it will "relax" somewhat when it has hot liquids in it and stiffen back up as it cools. Though this can make the sides seem soft to the touch, they will not tear or break.

    *Returns of unopened cases are subject to a 25% restocking fee, and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us for return authorization and correct shipping address before sending.

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