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Your Sustainable Summer

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

When it comes to saving energy and supporting nature, summer is the most optimal season. This time of year offers vast opportunities including longer daylight, a variety of seasonal foods, and hours of soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of lush surroundings.

This season use some of these ideas to see if you can make this summer, your sustainable summer.

Break Your Fossil Fuel Addiction

You may be in the habit of getting in your car and driving anywhere you need to go even if it is within walking distance.

In summer, take some extra time during your travel and recreation outings to walk or bike instead of drive. You will save fuel, reduce pollution and get some exercise.

Feed off the Land

Trade hours in front of your television for tilling the land.

This summer there is no need to pay for local produce when you can grow it yourself. Whether you already have a yard and garden or are willing to start one, carefully choosing vegetable plantings could mean the freshest, most organic ingredients grown by your own hand.

Apartment windowsill or terrace gardens work great too, especially for fresh herbs.

Skip the A/C

Sure, air conditioning is a welcome relief on stifling days but most summer weather can be handled by installing ceiling fans and keeping screened windows open. If you live in a house with an attic fan, open up the windows, turn it on and draw all hot air out of the top of your home.

Creating constant air flow prevents a stale atmosphere while saving on high energy output and cost. Also, avoiding air-conditioning may be good for your health.

According to Berkeley Lab’s Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank,

“...air conditioning is associated with increases in acute health symptoms often called sick building syndrome (SBS) symptoms, and also with asthma symptoms...A larger multi-center study in Europe found 30% to 40% increases in wheezing and breathlessness and current asthma in homes with air conditioning...”

Go Easy on the H2O

Summer is notorious for depleting local water sources so do your part by conserving as much H2O as you can. When you water your yard or window box, do so early in the morning so the full amount is utilized and not immediately evaporated by the sun. Plus, you can use low water grasses and plants to reduce water use.

Some low water plant choices include:

  • Mexican Feather Grass - Green blades that grow well in-between rock gardens.
  • Cape Blanco - Excellent colorful ground cover.
  • Egyptian Lavender - Purple blossoms with thin stems grow from spring to autumn.
  • Orange Libertia - Orange blades with white blossoms.
  • Rocky Stonecrop - Fluffy chartreuse ground cover and in-between filler.
  • Two Row Stonecrop - Fast growing, low ground, deep reddish blooms.

Cover Up Your Swimming Hole

If you own a pool there are great solar covers you can install to avoid water evaporation and not waste energy on a pool heater. Plus, it will keep debris out of your pool when it’s not in use which means less energy cleaning and limited chemicals needed if water does not evaporate. In addition, a salt water pool is much more environmental friendly.

Dry in the Sky

Home driers are becoming more energy efficient but they still consume a good chunk of your home energy, heating and cooling output. Hanging your laundry could save your clothes from wear and tear, make your clothes naturally smell great, and save on electricity.


Make this summer your sustainable summer starting with these 6 energy saving suggestions. They are a great way to get started along with many others you may discover on your own.

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