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Your Low Carbon Footprint Wedding

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Summer abounds and so does love as this is one of the most popular times of the year to get married. Yet, it is an industry that can be full of waste and toxicity hidden behind smiles and veils. Don’t let your wedding add to the landfill epidemic and instead find ways to create a classy event with a low carbon footprint. It can be just as elegant and smart with an added Eco-chic impression that will impress your guests.

Picking A Green Friendly Venue

Your first order of business is where you will have your wedding. Nowadays, green transparency is expected with some businesses using it as a marketing draw. Even though you may be eyeing a local space that “everybody” goes to, if it doesn’t offer a variety of green options or better yet, embedded Eco-friendly practices, then be the groundbreaker and pick another spot. Invest your money wisely in a venue that believes the way you do when it comes to saving the earth.

Some green flags to look for:

  • Green credentials - These are citations or products that support Eco-friendly practices. Some of these may include: Certified Carbon Neutral, Dolphin Safe, Fair Trade, LEED, USA Made, Non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance, SPCA Certified, or Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Leftover Food - Donation to local shelters
  • Alternative energy - Solar, wind or hydro sources
  • Compostable products - From dishes and utensils to napkins and decorations compostable products will ease landfill waste.

The Threads

Yes, you only (hopefully) get married once and the sky’s the limit but making that limit less of a cliche’ and more about embracing environmentally friendly options leads the way for a green future.

There are many ethical wedding dresses and tuxedos/suits that are no longer the “hippie” looking versions of scratchy hemp and unappealing recycled sailcloth. Real designers have stepped into the green fashion ring using organic cottons, socially conscious silks and even soft flowing hemp materials for some impressive designs.

Another option for some green friendly threads is going vintage or repurposed. Vintage can come from your local thrift shop and then be tailored to your specs; a gently used bridal gown, tuxedo from a specialty second hand store, or the privilege of wearing your parent’s, grandparent’s or other family member’s dress or tux.

Brides Against Breast Cancer offers a purchase or donation of wedding dresses that gives back to fight disease.

Alternative Registry

It’s easy to get swept up in the consumer driven haze of amassing more stuff but if you step back and look at the big picture this is your opportunity to ask for products that support a sustainable future. Earth friendly items from home goods to travel and recreation with cutting edge designs can certainly separate you from the pack while leading the way.

Maybe you’d rather make an indelible mark on research, wildlife or environmental organizations by adding to your registry a donation option. Whether engagement or wedding gifts or even a wedding favor, paying it forward gets high marks for a low carbon footprint and socially conscious wedding.

Stay Put

If it is possible, holding your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location certainly cuts down on excessive fossil fuel transportation, especially if you keep it local. Destination weddings require high volume room, board and transport which could be easily avoided with a backyard location; museum room; local farm; or green hotel.

In addition, keep your supplies local too. From flowers to wine you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing nearby farms, meat vendors, entertainment and more.


Make your wedding memorable with a low carbon footprint ceremony and reception. No longer do you need to “keep up with the Joneses” but instead forge a new path, alongside your new love.

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