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Your Green 2018 Halloween

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Some Halloween stats can be sobering. Such as the 2009 study from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (as reported by Nation Swell) which found that ten out of ten children Halloween face paints contained lead, nickel, chromium, and cobalt. The study also reported that packaging ingredients did not list these toxins and even advertised as “hypoallergenic” and “FDA compliant.”

This Halloween there’s no need to scream through toxic makeup, future plastic landfill, and other Eco-unfriendly choices. With some simple, fun adjustments it’s easy to create a green 2018 Halloween that keeps the joy, helps the planet, and offers reusable, recyclable and renewable teaching moments at every turn.

Make It Up

Try a natural Halloween DIY non-toxic makeup option. The Sierra Club offers these excellent alternative recipes. Follow these instructions for a safe, fun, skin covering you can feel good about.

Base and Color Ingredients:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • White - Flour and water
  • Orange - Carrot juice
  • Yellow - Turmeric
  • Brown - Cocoa powder
  • Pink - Beet juice (cook the beets in water, then strain and use the red cooking water)
  • Dark green (almost black) - spirulina powder
  • Purple - Blueberries (puree them, then press through a strainer to get the juice.)
  • Sea Foam Green - Red cabbage juice (Chop the cabbage and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and mix in baking soda, a few pinches at a time, until the juice is blue. Mixed with flour this will make blue-green)


Slowly add floured water to chosen color until you have a mixture in-between a paste and a liquid. If you're using a powder for the color, add just enough water to dissolve it before adding flour. Apply the paint liberally to skin. After five minutes of drying, gently dab some vegetable oil on the surface of the paint, without mixing it. This will help preserve the color as it dries.

Feel free to experiment with other natural colors from fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Do be careful as these natural choices can stain clothing.

Care Full Costumes

There are many options when it comes to creating an awesome Halloween costume that doesn’t  include VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and non-biodegradable or compostable plastics. Try some of these:

Re-use - There are tons of old costumes packed away in friend’s and family’s closets. Before they end up in a landfill, ask around and find some that can be re-used.

Rent - Renting a costume is one of the best ways to re-use as well. Look around for the comparable prices and maybe even some Eco-friendly business transparency from the rental company.

Thrift Stores - There are some fantastic Halloween costume options right around the corner at your local thrift shop. Fun, weird clothing and accessories you can have a lot of laughs sifting through for perfect reusable options.


Once again it's all about gobs of plastic goblins, pumpkins and spiders to name a few of the billions spent on temporary decorations that inevitably bite us in the butt later. Don’t contribute to landfill fodder and global warming by making your own Halloween decorations instead. It’s not hard and incorporates using household items you would’ve thrown out anyway.

It can be a skeleton made out of old milk jugs, egg cartons turned into hanging bats, or a trash bag tarantula that uses yard leaves for fill. All it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity to look for easy to find items and reuse them for holiday decorations rather than buy something and toss it when your done. Here are a few ideas:

Spider Web - You can make an awesome spider web with black yarn. Use safe removable double stick tape (white or clear) cut into squares. Place on the wall and string your web according to any picture template. Once it is up, construct a spider from black paper or compostable bags and adhere to the web.

Ghosts - Use white string, fishing line or find a hook you can punch trough the middle of a white sheet. Put paper, leaves or anything else that might work in the middle of the sheet. Lift the edges, spin the middle into a round head and secure at the “neck”. Using non-toxic paint, markers or construction paper make two eyes and hang from a tree or an inside spot.

Bloody Handprint - Mix Elmers glue with red and a little drop of blue food coloring in the bottle. Apply the mixture to your hand. Press your hand onto plastic wrap (which should be taped to a table top) leaving a glue imprint. Add more food coloring into the hand imprint making it thick. Let dry and peel off. Attach to windows, floor tiles, mirrors, shower curtains, etc.

A Few More Fright Factors

This is a short list of some remaining ways you can make an environmentally responsible  difference this Halloween.

  • Real Candles - If you can safely use real burning candles choose beeswax or soy based options.
  • Pumpkins - Decorate your outside home with organic pumpkins from local farms and orchards you can support.
  • Pillow Case It - Use an old pillow case to collect candy in rather than a plastic pumpkin.
  • Kind Candy - Try to hand out Eco-friendly candy from companies like Unreal Candy which uses natural ingredients such as beet root and red cabbage as well as supports non-GMO and certified Fair Trade practices. Other notable candy companies recommended by Yoga Journal include: Yummy Earth Lollipops, Endangered Species Bug Bites, and Go Organic Fruit Chews.


Your Halloween should be safe, fun and sensible. Don’t succumb to a disposable society and instead rise above bad planet decisions. The more who change their plastic pollution practices, many will certainly follow.

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