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Winterize Your Small Business With These Green Fixes

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

As seasons change so do small business costs, especially if you are in a fluctuating climate like the Northeast or Midwest. However, even if you’re in a warm part of the world there is no better time to implement or re-assess your seasonal energy output as well as product or service line. With so much going green these days the reality of using energy efficient options, products from circular sustainable manufacturing, or even services that speak to green consumers is becoming the norm.

When crossing into the winter season there are ways you can winterize your small business with green fixes that may beneficially impact your bottom line.

Finger In The Dyke

If you are vested in your small business brick and mortar storefront or sprawling office space, shoring up leaks, drafts, and gaps is a good start. Help reduce these costly breaches by sealing and plugging up as many as you can find. It is estimated that you could reduce your energy consumption by five to thirty percent. Reduced energy means less draw from essential resources such as fossil fuels, electricity, and alternative energy like solar plus it can save your business money too. While you’re at it, check your insulation as well. Keeping pipes covered and interior walls insulated means less waste and more savings.

Get Glazed

It is estimated that approximately ten to twenty percent of heat is lost through door and window glass. Energy efficient glass glazing or replacing with low-emissivity glass could help recoup potential energy loss. This increases savings and helps the planet.

Fan Away

If your work space happens to have a ceiling fan or two see if you can reverse their rotation during winter months. By having a ceiling fan turn counterclockwise means circulating warm air rather than just letting it sit there in a stagnant clump. According to Energy Star, circulating interior warm air “can reduce heating costs by forcing warm air near the ceiling down into occupied spaces.” If you don’t have ceiling fans consider installing them and lowering your heat thermostat as circulation may use heated air more efficiently.

Filter Check

Some work spaces or structures do not get proper filter replacements which can compromise energy as well as health and safety. Compare interior and furnace filters to your car’s air filter, when these are dirty or clogged your car has to work harder and in turn use more fuel. Residential or commercial filters are essential for a clean, energy efficient space that keeps allergens and other airborne pathogens at bay while maintaining proper air flow for optimal energy use.

Program It

Technology has become so advanced that you can maintain your small business thermostat from your phone. Programmable, wireless thermometers are highly effective investments that can regulate your energy flow to the penny. This includes keeping stock rooms, closets, and other minimally used spaces at lower temperatures so essential heat is concentrated toward your employees. Toasty employees means higher work performance.

Keep ‘Em Moving

Whether your small business uses one work vehicle or a company fleet winterizing these can be highly beneficial for safety, reduced fossil fuel use, and unnecessary wear and tear.

Make sure you:

  • Replace radiator coolant (50 percent water, 50 percent antifreeze )
  • Use cold weather windshield wiper fluid
  • Replace windshield wipers if needed
  • Maintain manufacture recommended tire pressure
  • Get an oil change before winter using oil formulated for cold weather
  • Switch to snow or all-season tires

Keeping your small business vehicle(s) in tip shape keeps your cost and carbon footprint down at the same time.


This winter take the opportunity to winterize your small business with these green fixes. It is another way you can jump on the Eco-friendly train and save a few bucks while you're at it.

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