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Vegware Vibrations

Posted on September 28, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

When it comes to the quantity of innovation, earth-friendly products are being manufactured at a dizzying rate. Yet, like any free market, the cream rises to the top bringing quality, durability, and most importantly, sustainability to the table.

The company Vegware, spawned out of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006, has been forging the way in the compostable product industry. Producing packaging made from plants through green technology and a passion for a solution, Vegware steps to higher vibrations, merging with the environment rather than decimating it.

The Full Monty

The Vegware product line is entirely made of compostable material. This rivals many other manufacturers who use a variety of additives making an “Eco-friendly” packaging product not much better than a conventional one.

The plant materials used to make Vegware are derived from a variety of renewable sources including corn and sugarcane. Many of these come in the form of recycled material such as cardboard and bagasse with the overall intention of sparing as many virgin resources as possible.

This is a list of the materials used to make Vegware products:

  • Bagasse - Recycled sugarcane.
  • Inks - Water or vegetable based.
  • Clear PLA for cold use, CPLA for hot.
  • Palm Leaf - Fallen, pressed Areca leaves.
  • PLA & CPLA - Plant-based alternatives to plastic.
  • Ecovio - A plant-based compostable material with great properties.
  • Nature Flex - Clear film made from wood pulp. Anti-grease, heat sealable.
  • Paper & Card - Sustainably sourced, using recycled content when possible.

Just from this list you can see how making a sturdy, compostable product is not only possible it perpetuates a circular economy that begins and ends with sustainability.

Certified and ‘Award-ified’

Vegware has been recognized for its many products that are able to completely degrade into compost right alongside original, organic material. This is paramount because most “compostable” products need to be mixed with recyclables rather than discarded directly into a compost bin like Vegware can.

Some notable awards for this achievement and the continuation of green innovation include:

  • Caterer and Hotelkeeper Excellence Award
  • Hot cup lid ‘Best Disposables’ award
  • Murray MP 2018 Constituency Responsible Business Champion

Vegware is Certified Food Safe, Certified Compostable, and maintains a traceable sustainable supply chain. This last benefit of Vegware is very important as many alleged green companies hawk products that, when followed from factory to shelf, fall short of a circular path.

Resounding Reviews

Don’t just be wowed by Vegware’s awards and certifications, read some Amazon 5 star reviews that confirm just how superior these products really are.

“Perfect! Great price as well.” - Art V. Garrett III 2018

“I often find cups, even when rated for hot beverages, to be poor insulators. These cups are wonderful. Used them at a kid's program and even with little hands, the beverages stayed warm and the hands stayed cool. Good price for green products as well.” - Claire W. 2014

“As far as disposable cups go, these do a great job. They are clean, sturdy, and large enough for transporting a couple k-cup fills. Additionally, they have no trouble in the microwave if you need a reheat.” - Chris 2013

“I have a small scale business and use these w/the lids. So far I've had no problems, no breaks, leaks, etc. and the customers love that they can be used to plant stuff after they use them! (use as seedling pots, poke holes in bottom, and plant in ground)” - Z. Solomon 2013

Wide Choice to Impress and Address

Many “green” packaging and food container products don’t include the extra touch that produces not only sturdy reliable items but aesthetically pleasing ones as well. Vegware offers a long list of options that brings a touch of green class to a kitchen, dining, or outdoor event. Plus, it is always a teaching moment when using Vegware products as it is the perfect opportunity to say, “Hey, let me tell you about these cups, bowls and cutlery for a sec.”

In addition to the standard hot and cold cups, bowls and boxes, Vegware goes further with compostable catering disposable designs that include: soup containers, sushi trays, salad boxes, insulated cups, deli containers and gourmet range tableware.

Plus, Vegware takes pride in its ‘Vegware Eco Audits’ which, according to Vegware, “...measure[s] the environmental benefits of our products in terms of carbon and virgin material saved along with potential landfill diversion.We provide this information with every order.”

In 2016, Vegware reported that its customers helped save 4,744 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere while saving 1,646 tons of virgin materials. This was compared to the equivalent of stopping the carbon output from 8,398 flights from London to New York.


Shun disposable society irresponsibility and embrace plant-based packaging instead. You can still have all the convenience you need to transport food and beverages without the guilt of adding to the enormous landfill epidemic. Join the Vegware movement to support a more sustainable, healthy planet while showing those around you that they can do the same.

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