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Vegware Materials Impress

Posted on October 3, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

When it comes to the environment, you may wonder how humans have gone so far off the rails. Not that far back in history, early inhabitants lived off the land while respecting the water, soil, and air. In fact, some cultures still practice treating the planet as a privilege, not a prize.

The team at Vegware understands these simpler times and is hard at work pushing the pendulum back to a place of reusing, reducing, recycling and recovering. This all shows in the materials used to make a host of unique, functional, affordable packaging made from plants. Materials the earth provides and human innovation creates a compostable, biodegradable, earth friendly result. Amongst the many innovative Vegware materials used to produce plant-based compostable packaging, here are some notables.

Badass Bagasse

Sugarcane can now be associated with helping the planet rather than poisoning it with candy, soda, pastries and more. This robust stalk (it’s really a grass) native to warm climates like South America, Asia and Hawaii is considered the ninth most valuable crop on the globe. The part most manufacturers are interested in is the sugarcane juice extracted from the crushed stalk. However, these spent stalks are now being used in more mainstream manufacturing as a product called bagasse. Vegware uses bagasse for its sustainable and sturdy properties to make food trays, containers, cups and much more.

Some benefits of bagasse include:

  • Durability
  • Inexpensive
  • Low carbon production output
  • Boiled and molded into a plastic alternative
  • Can be manufactured into a biofuel
  • Retains properties after being heated or frozen
  • Biodegradable within 90 days (plastic takes approximately 400 years)

Areca Palm Leaves

So many products require the decimation of natural resources and/or added synthetic toxic compounds to manufacture. Vegware products don’t need any of that. Another unique material choice on the list of Vegware product contents is Areca palm leaves.

These leaves and how they obtained are described best by Tudelft Open Research:

"Areca palms leaves with the sheaths attached to it fall naturally from the trees three or four times a year. By simply picking them up from the ground they are harvested.The amount of sheaths that can be collected from one tree at a time is two to three pieces. The average Areca palm plantation has around 2000 trees. One Areca sheath weights between 200g and 300g and has dimensions of 0,30 m by 1m.”

The palm sheathes are dried, cleaned, and then pressed into high heat molds (plates, bowls, etc.). This transforms the structure of the compounds in the leaf resulting in a fixed, solid shape. Some sheathes are large enough to press several molds. The palm leaves are all that is used, no additives, plastics, waxes or glues are ever added to Vegware products.

Amazing Ecovio

The advancement of biobased materials is so rapid, it is as if the future is amongst us. Vegware steers this futuristic ship by including the high-quality and versatile bioplastic called Ecovio in its products.

Ecovio is a certified compostable source that is printable and even weldable as a finished compound. It is easily biodegraded within only a few weeks when broken down by microorganisms and their enzymes. In a landfill it may take just three to six months. The best part about Ecovio is that it performs just as well as any plastic, or polyethylene conventional product. Ecovio is primarily made from corn making it a PLA or polylactic acid which is gaining traction in the plastic alternative industry.

Look for Ecovio as an ingredient in products to confirm green validity.

No Stink Ink

Ink usually doesn’t smell unless it is full of synthetic, petroleum based, toxic contents, then it just plain stinks. Synthetic inks have been used for centuries, easily permeating natural water sources and compromising overall earth, and in some cases, human health.

Vegware does not want to be a part of this chemical ink option and instead uses non-toxic vegetable or water based inks to label each product. One choice is soy ink which is the most common plant-based ink available. It is inexpensive, comes from a sustainable source, is biodegradable, and is easier to remove during recycling.

Soy and other vegetable based inks are being proudly advertised on products or in product literature for Vegware and so many other green minded companies.


Another innovation in plant-based packaging is Natureflex. This is a packaging film that is made from wood-pulp harvested off of managed tree plantations. It works well to seal in heat as well as gases and can be easily composted. Vegware uses Natureflex in a variety of its products enabling microwaveable options as well as easy transport.


It isn’t often consumers get to be impressed by a company’s manufacturing material choices. Not many would even care, so long as they are able to use the product without a problem. Yet, in an environmentally challenged world, more consumers are waking up and demanding to know what they are buying. More consumers want to be part of the solution now. With Vegware leading the pack in using sustainable, non-threatening materials, there is hope that a disposable, wasteful, and irresponsible society could soon come to an end.

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