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This Winter Commit to Your Optimal Health

Posted on February 6, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

With a nationwide freeze in play, now is a great time to start an activity program that will tighten and tone so when the snow starts to melt, you are ready to hit-the-ground-running. From yoga, to sports, or cycling there are a variety of activities you can utilize to propel your mind and body toward a more optimal health status. Find your inner passion activity that inspires you to get moving, and commit to your optimal health.

A Stressless Slide

Whether it's a New Year’s resolution or an, “I’m gonna do it this time” attitude, you just may be putting too much stress on yourself. This is why high numbers of good intentions quickly fall short particularly when it comes to diet and exercise. This winter, take the time to commit to something you really want to do for all the right reasons. If you are joining a gym just to lose weight you could be putting more pressure up front than you should. Instead, approach an activity commitment with as much passion as you can add to it. For instance, if you love playing softball then join or form a team and spend your time at the gym revolving around softball training. Maybe you need more peace and solitude in your life so why not choose a yoga class to get you there. Try and keep trying until the class or activity is a fit for you. There is no need to follow the pack just because it's easy, instead, think outside the box and find an activity that makes you look forward to it, not dread it in your gut simply to shave off a few pounds.

Keeping it Green

As you embark on finding your inner passion activity, take some time to consider the tools you will choose to get you there and keep you going. Whatever activity you choose, there’s an Eco-friendly accessory that can accompany it. No need to succumb to wasteful trends that use petroleum based rubbers and plastics. No need to purchase sneakers, workout clothes, and other essential gear manufactured in conditions that don't support fair wages and rights. Now, you can choose products that will support your inner goals while reinforcing a healthy planet at the same time. For instance, carry your own water bottle made from recycled steel; it that will stand up to the rigors of everyday wear and tear while being sustainable and supporting your health.

Science Daily reports on a study by Concordia University in Montreal which found that companies manufacturing green gear are sought after by consumers like you. Published in the Journal of Retailing, co-author of the study Maryam Tofighi commented, “Our findings indicate that consumers expect products with ethical attributes -- be they environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced or fair trade -- to come with a higher price tag. Companies would be wise to take advantage of those expectations,”


Don’t let the winter blues pull you down but rather look at this season as an opportunity to re-shift and reboot. From the balance of yoga, to the excitement of a team sport, this spring could be the new start you are looking for. Take your time to find the right activity you are passionate about, choose your green gear, and then enter your new path, fully loaded with a steadfast commitment to the most important commodity...you.

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