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The Green Tide Turns

Posted on July 1, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It’s easy to become discouraged when we watch or read the news of how our planet continues to crumble, but when the green tide turns hope shines through. This is the surprising case of several progressive moves made by large corporations, municipalities, law enforcement and more that shouts ‘thinking out of the box’ for the greater good. Something we can all use.

Lucky Charms

Literally, the cereal maker of Lucky Charms, Cheerios and so many other breakfast staples announced this year that over the next decade they will be committed to cutting their carbon emissions by close to 30%.

It may seem like a low number to some but considering that in 2005 General Mills cut their internal operation emissions by 13% and are investing over $100 million in energy efficiency to reach their current goal, it is an enormous effort to say the least.

According to Fortune, Ken Powell, chairman and CEO of General Mills comments,

“We know our greatest impact is outside our four walls – particularly in agriculture, ingredients and packaging,”

This goal will be a joint effort of working with and requiring the utmost transparency from farmers, suppliers, and industry partners.

Lego of My Planet

Plastic was considered a miracle material when it was conceived as a synthetic polymer made from phenol and formaldehyde in 1907. Nowadays, from toothpaste to cars, it has taken over practically every aspect of our material lives. Yet, it remains a major polluter.

Well, one popular toy company has stepped up to turn the green corporate tide. Lego, which produced over 60 billion pieces last year, has decided to invest upwards of $150 million dollars into a continuing effort to reduce their global impact.

CNN Money reports that, CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp states,

"Several factors influence the environmental sustainability of a material -- the composition of the material, how it is sourced and what happens when the product reaches the end of its life,"

With this kind of realization from such a corporate giant, hope looms on a whole new playing field. To put their mouth where their Lego is, this company has already reduced its packaging, invested in wind power and impressively ended a 50-year relationship with Shell oil as a result of their detrimental drilling in the Arctic.

The PoPo

You may have seen movies depicting the future by displaying electric cars whizzing noiselessly through city streets. Well, we all know that this is now becoming a reality for single buyer consumers but when a law enforcement organization as vast as the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) gets involved, the green writing is on the wall.

The Washington Times reports of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s commitment to the city leasing 160 pure battery vehicles to the LAPD. It will also expand these clean energy, silent vehicles to local municipalities making, “Los Angeles home to the largest city-owned fleet of pure battery electric cars in the country.”


These three examples of how the green tide turns are a drop in the bucket of the many behind-the-scenes and up front environmentally friendly changes surrounding us. So don’t get discouraged when politicians drag their feet, naysayers refute global warming and fat cats keep purchasing gas guzzlers. In time, as long as you and others demand more green changes, these groundbreaking efforts will continue to snowball into a more sustainable future.


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