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Take The Green Way Back to School

Posted on September 5, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Every year it sneaks up on you and every year there’s a sigh of relief when summer finally comes to a close and the kids go back to school. Yet, in the whirlwind of it all, it can be easy to forget about your Eco-friendly concerns as you rush to get their school supplies just to get it over with.

This year take the green way back to school by slowing down long enough to make some sustainable decisions that could be a big parent win.

Go Through The Leftovers

Don’t let clever advertising persuade you to purchase slick new designs of potential landfill material when you can reuse last year’s leftovers. School supplies such as old binders, paper, pens (6 billion are thrown away every year), pencils, markers, rulers, and glue should not go to waste. Gather up what you’ve got and reuse what you can because in a few weeks all those other kids’ new purchases will look just like last years recyclables.

If you need to appease a young one who wants new stuff like all the other kids, set up a craft night personalizing old items by decorating with favorite pictures, names, etc.

Now Get The New Stuff

Once you salvage your leftovers then you can get your best green school supplies to purchase. Look for notebooks made out of limestone called rock paper. After manufacturing, this material results in no trees felled, no waste, no water, no bleach and much less energy used than regular paper.

There’s also non-toxic, recycled non-porous glue; manila folders made from 100% recycled fibers; and repurposed bike tube pencil cases.

If You Need A Satchel 

More and more kids are embracing green initiatives so when it comes to bags and backpacks offering unique green gear for them to go back to school with could be a big plus. They can brag or nonchalantly inform their friends that they are saving the earth with a recycled sail cloth duffel bag, organic cotton tote, or recycled canvas backpack.

Bring It To The Cafeteria

Lunch supplies can be really wasteful and environmentally appalling, especially when some schools still use styrofoam. Going out of your way to purchase your child much more Eco-friendly lunch gear may teach them a little about sustainability and have you relieved they are doing their part, even if they don’t know it. Try stainless steel straws, bamboo chopsticks and organic cotton lunch bags to a resealable compostable sandwich sack, low impact dyed cotton and stainless steel insulated beverage container.

Traveling In Eco-Style

They may not be going far but getting kids some green travel gear for their back to school jaunt makes for some fun additions. You’d be surprised how handy, smart and fun these everyday supplies can be which might include:

  • A travel mug made from corn
  • Expandable, biodegradable mini towelettes
  • An Eco-friendly umbrella made from 100% recycled material
  • A portable solar charging station
  • Sustainable bluetooth speakers
  • All natural skincare products to keep acne at bay
  • A probiotic bundle to keep their gut and their mind clear


There are so many green options when it comes to getting your child back to school. Not only will it have them decked out in some impressive Eco-style but going against the mainstream grain as well. Get your kid to take the green way back to school and you just may witness a snowball effect of friends wanting to follow suit.


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