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Green Home Dares Laundry Detergents to "Take the Green Challenge"

May 6, 2004
Contest pits leading .green. brands vs. conventional brands in classic product face off
San Francisco, CA..May 6, 2004 - In a throwback to Television's golden age of advertising, Green Home Inc., (www.greenhome.com) the premier resource for environmentally preferable products, today challenged makers of eco-friendly laundry soap to compare their products with mainstream brands in the first ever Great American Green Clean Challenge.
It's time for environmental laundry detergents to come clean, says Green Home's President & CEO Lawrence Axil Comras. For years, "green" cleaning products have been dismissed as being expensive and ineffective. But has anybody simply tried a side-by-side comparison? I remember those TV ads from when I was a kid and now I want to do one myself..
The Great American Green Clean Challenge will be held on the Fourth of July at BrainWash, a popular Laundromat and café combo that also features the occasional poetry slam and live music open mike. The Challenge will pit the top 4 eco-friendly laundry soaps, such as 7th Generation, against Tide and 3 other conventional brands. It will also be broadcast live on the Internet at www.greenhome.com.
Although Green Home sells environmentally friendly merchandise itself, the company has earned a reputation as a "fair broker" in a field dominated by over-inflated environmental claims in what is commonly known as "greenwashing". Comras says he is willing to let the chips fall where they may, and is willing to live with the results if the green products can't compete.
Americans want their clothes white. If it means our grandchildren are born with only one arm, so be it. That's America. We have our priorities. But if we need not sacrifice the ambidexterity of future generations for whiteness in our clothing, I say let the children live, says Comras.
The event will be broadcast live on July 4th, 2004 on the Internet at www.greenhome.com. Contact Laura McKaughan for details on the contest or for updates on which products will be included.
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