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Summer Greening

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

This summer take the opportunity to cut back on energy use and fossil fuel burning by utilizing some creative summer greening ideas. This is a season where you can use a lot of simple workarounds to get what you need without creating pollution or using up essential natural resources.

Avoid the Sticky

In heat stifling states such as most of the middle and southeast coast, humidity can creep up to some very uncomfortable levels. However, before you reach for the air conditioner, try running a dehumidifier.

According to Aaron Pope, manager of sustainability programs for the California Academy of Sciences,

“If you take the humidity out of the air, the temperature feels much cooler,...Dehumidifiers are not too expensive and they’re much more energy-efficient than a whole air conditioning system.”

The use of rotating ceiling and attic fans in combination with a dehumidifier can mean rarely needing to use your AC at all. Some recommend putting ceiling fans on counterclockwise to pull and disperse the rising hot air. An attic fan works great with all the house windows and attic entrance open which can really cool your home. If you don’t have fans you can install them as your next home improvement project or try some energy efficient free standing floor fans. Either way, avoid the high environmental damage that air conditioners can pose and try these cooling hacks instead.

Best Grill Bets

If you’re still grilling with charcoal you may want to think twice before your next barbecue. Charcoal comes with a list of toxic side effects including:

  • Release of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Gritty particulate matter released into the air, lungs, skin, and food
  • Emits ground-level ozone a main contributor to smog
  • Leaves toxic residue which could compromise food safety next barbecue

Compared to coal, switching to propane is a more Eco-friendly choice for outdoor grilling. It burns clean and coal lovers can add flavored briquettes to keep the taste.

A study from researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory reported that propane gas emits about 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour, while charcoal comes in just about over double at 11 pounds per hour. Propane is 90 percent usable fuel, while charcoal produces 20 to 35 percent as most is burned off during cooking. The most optimal grilling choice would be to use a solar powered grill like the SolSource Solar Grill sold at Green Home.

In addition to grilling choices, always clean your grill with non-toxic grease fighting industrial cleaners made from citrus, enzymes, oxygen, and essential oils. It will be safe for your food and the environment.

Get Tree’d

Planting trees can make a big difference when you need shade the most. They will cool your home so your A/C doesn’t have to. Plus, trees have a process called evapotranspiration which cools and moistens the surrounding air. Placing them around your property could be a win-win.

WebMD advises,

“...buying trees that won’t need a lot of water or care, and planting them strategically. In temperate climates, for example, planting deciduous [blossoms/leaves annually] trees, such as maple and ash west and southwest of your house, it will block sunlight in the summer but let sunlight in during the winter.”

Compostable Eats

When disposable plates, cutlery, cups and napkins are needed for your summer flings make sure you get compostable products. This extra effort goes a long way on the other end when your trash gets dumped in a landfill. These products will rapidly degenerate leaving no toxic residue. Better yet, if you haven’t already, setup your own composting system and discard your compostable products in your own unit.


Hopefully, this surprising summer greening may help inspire or just remind you to stay on the Eco-Friendly side as much as you can. Enjoy this summer season and know that you are giving back as much as you are getting from your Mother Earth.

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