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Solar On

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

If you are concerned about fluctuating weather patterns and compromised environmental dangers then come this November, vote for a representative that shares your concern.

The current American presidential administration continues to de-regulate a wide array of programs meant to protect your environment and your health. Of course some regulations are wasteful and costly and should be reviewed. However, it seems that behind the scenes a great wave of irresponsibility is taking place and solar energy is one of many targets in the crosshairs.

A Necessary Change

Solar energy has risen exponentially over the last decade alone. Today less expensive materials and instillation have become a game changer in residential and commercial interest. What is most impressive is the performance, material longevity and the financial return making solar energy a viable choice.

Given the proven toxicity, land destruction, and global warming hazards of the coal industry, most would think that solar is an easy to implement, necessary change. Yet, greedy special interest groups are currently in charge of the highly lucrative yet backward peddling use of fossil fuels. These people see no reason to embrace and propel solar energy until it is absolutely necessary and more importantly when they find a way to financially control it.

Thankfully, in response, many states, counties and towns have ignored this sentiment and are finding ways to solar on.

As reported by EWG News and Analysis, 5/16/18,

“[The Federal Government] is working to slow the rapid growth of solar power. It is slapping punitive tariffs on imported solar panels and proposing to slash federal funding for solar research. But at the state and local levels, governments and citizens continue to invest in a future where all Americans share the economic and environmental benefits of solar power.”

More Jobs in Solar

American job growth in the solar industry easily surpasses coal production which is rapidly succumbing to automated manufacturing.

According to The New York Times (before anti-intellectualist fake news hysteria) a Department of Energy report from 2016 found that the coal industry had employed approximately 160,119 workers while the solar industry employed 373,807. Due to more automation in coal mining and generations of devastating health effects  these numbers continue to grow wider.

From solar products such as flashlights and battery chargers to thin, rollout solar film, this is an industry with more growing applications everyday.

State and Local Love

If anything good comes from wayward leadership it is the wherewithal of the people to rise up and take the helm. When it comes to the environment, California is the one American State that seems to always step up when citizens need it the most. California just passed a requirement that most new homes constructed after 2020 must include solar panels. Some short sighted and fiscally concerned people in the real estate and construction industry predict up to $10,000 more per home if solar is mandated. Yet, they neglect to do the math regarding owner energy savings and enormous future environmental gain.

As individuals and organizations join with state and local support, solar energy will have a chance to thrive. California has paved the way for more states to embrace the future of clean energy. SolarNation reports on how all American states and cities are growing in one way or another when it comes to solar energy.


The more Americans embrace the obvious energy efficiency of solar, the more they will realize they no longer need government incentive or approval to solar on.

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