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Small Business Green Fixes

Posted on October 3, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Running a small business is no easy task. As a small business owner dealing with things like taxes, regulations, and insurance, it may feel like you are getting bombarded from all sides. Then comes the utility bills, supply costs and other overhead responsibilities that may make you wonder how you stay afloat.

Easy, simple adjustments with these small business green fixes may be one way you can take better control of some of your unnecessary output. Add in the benefit of helping the planet and you are part of a global effort to take back and re-introduce this land as a privilege, not a right.

Plus, if you make your green fixes known with things like in-office/store posters or a website mission statement, you may attract a loyal customer base of Eco-conscious consumers for your efforts.

Four Day Work Week

Offering your employees a four day work week could significantly cut operating costs. It was found that, if possible, shutting down your small business Friday through Sunday could result in:

  • A lower commuting carbon footprint
  • Less electricity output including elevator use, office appliances, heating and A/C
  • Less water use
  • Fewer sick days
  • Less business supplies used

Scientific American reports that,

“Utah state government [] projected a drop of at least 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually from Friday building shutdowns...[with] greenhouse gases from commuting  included, the state would check the generation of at least 12,000 metric tons of CO2—the equivalent of taking about 2,300 cars off the road for one year.”

Install Eco-font

Eco-font is a unique custom printing software that uses less ink and toner by leaving small holes in letters that are never seen by the human eye. The software also weeds out unnecessary printed images and is capable of creating small excerpts from emails rather than the whole thread which saves excessive paper use.

Re-Use Office Supplies

Back in the day, inter-office envelopes were often used to deliver documents by marking off the receiver on the envelope face and re-using it for the next delivery. Somehow, this has turned into disposable deliveries wasting valuable resources.

Go back to reusing envelopes for not only inter-office deliveries but putting back in the mail by covering prior info with blank labels and re-addressing.

Also, encourage a per desk or office scrap paper bin which could be used for notations and even being printed on the reverse blank side for informal documents.

Purchase Recycled Toner

Printing toner is highly toxic and expensive. Now there are companies that will recycle your toner as well as offer recycled toner as a replacement. This is a green office tactic that is saving small businesses substantial output, especially if printing is high.

If you want to go really radical green look into some of the soy ink printers that are available as these are as highly efficient as conventional units without the environmental toxins.

Direct Deposit

If you are still paying your employees with paper checks, you may want to offer direct deposit.

It is estimated that,

“A 10-person small business that pays employees twice a month using checks produces 10.7 pounds of greenhouse gases each year, which is the equivalent of driving 37.9 miles in your car or eliminating 4.6 sq. ft of forestland” (Wagepoint 1/6/16)

It’s really not about the individual effort but a culmination that could surely take these stats to a significantly positive impact on the environment.


These surprising small green fixes are another way you could go above and beyond your initial Eco-attempts that may include recycling, LED bulb swaps and paperless billing.

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