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Small Business Green Adjustments to Battle Climate Change

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It doesn’t matter if you believe or disbelieve climate change, the truth is that our global weather patterns are creating forced adjustments for residential living and commercial interests alike. For a corporation, there may be some financial wiggle room to cover various losses due to climate change but for a small business it could have more of an impact than most realize.

These small business green adjustments to battle climate change may help you start thinking about climbing above the rising tides.

Renewable Incentives

The writing is on the wall. Governments across the globe are preparing for fossil fuel disruption which is predicted to raise energy costs when climate change affects production flow. Your small business can also get ahead of the game.

According to the McKinsey & Co., July 2015 report, ‘How Companies Can Adapt To Climate Change’,

“Most US states have introduced renewable portfolio standards, which require a certain proportion of the state’s electricity to be produced from renewable sources.”

Switching your small business energy to wind, solar, hydro or other renewable sources could beneficially affect your overhead. As demand increases, cost will go down and when the business next door is struggling to pay its oil or gas bill you’ll be styling in low cost renewable sourcing.

Contact your energy company for alternative energy options or retrofit your small business with solar panels, wind turbines or geothermal changes.

Sell Your Waste

If you own a zoo, restaurant, marina or any other small business that produces waste such as manure, used oils, or vegetable plants you may be able to make some extra coin by selling it.

Biofuel is an efficient energy source that can power combustable engines just as well as fossil fuels without the attached pollution, greenhouse gases and earth decimation. Biofuel is currently used in two-forms. Ethanol, a combustable alcohol derived from starches and sugars such as corn, and biodiesel which combines alcohol (methanol derived from methane gas or wood) with used animal fat, vegetable oil, or recycled cooking grease.

More biofuel companies are sprouting up and need to harvest available resources. Find your local biofuel refinery to see if your small business waste applies. By contributing your waste, you help reduce climate change triggers and lower your small business carbon footprint.

Go Organic

Supporting local organic farms is another way your small business can help battle global warming. Whether it’s organic feed for your livestock or incorporating a full organic menu in your restaurant, this is a change that can certainly make a difference.

A report by the Grace Communication Foundation stated,

“Unlike industrial farms, small-scale organic and sustainable farms rely on people power, not heavy machinery, and depend on nature, not manmade chemicals for soil fertility and pest management. As a result, small-scale sustainable farms have been found to emit between one-half and two-thirds less carbon dioxide for every acre of production.”

Avoid an Activist Attack

With information running rampant these days, your small business cannot be hyper-vigilant enough in catering to the green consumer. Ignoring Eco-friendly opportunities may result in minor to major ‘activist attacks’ that could significantly affect your bottom line.

Including green change in any facet is better than none at all. With climate change at the top of the list, showing your support in any way possible could go a long way.

Some of these may include:

In addition to these and many more green changes, it is imperative to inform consumers of your environmental support through social media regardless of the size or genre of your small business.


Overall, remaining on top of climate change and how your small business can support ways to battle it could be a win-win for you and your consumers.

The McKinsey report also stated,

“One truth is evident across all these industries: companies that ignore climate-related risks are likely to feel the consequences. Those that identify the most pertinent risks, think through how they relate to one another, and then put in place appropriate measures can begin to manage the challenges ahead. These companies will not only put themselves in position to ride out the storm; they could rise above it.”

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