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Ring it In Green

Posted on December 31, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Each year, finding ways to step up your green game can be a smart, clever mission and what better time to implement your green intentions than while ringing in the New Year. This is a time when we make declarations, affirmations and proclamations to hit the ground running with a fresh start. E-vite your contacts to your digs and show them how you roll when the ball drops. Not only will you be in full green swing but this year your guests may get schooled just by your Eco-friendly influence.

Go Organic

Choosing seasonal, organic fare for your New Year’s Eve festivities is one of the simplest ways you can lower your carbon footprint. It requires less compromise of soil, less water use, chemical-free pest control, less transport, less human handling, and sustainable practices to enhance the health and longevity of agriculture property.

Environmental science and conservation news source, Mongabay, reported that,

“The intensification of agricultural production over the past 60 years and the subsequent increase in global nitrogen inputs have resulted in substantial nitrogen pollution and ecological damage,..The primary source of nitrogen pollution comes from nitrogen-based agricultural fertilizers, whose use is forecasted to double or almost triple by 2050.”

Proving one aspect of organic farming, “Stanford University graduate student Sasha B. Kramer and her colleagues found that fertilizing apple trees with synthetic chemicals produced more adverse environmental effects than feeding them with organic manure or alfalfa.”

Search your local farm stand or farmer’s market for winter root vegetables, free-range meats and fresh organic juices to start your year off on a sustainable stride.

Celebrate in Eco-Style

Show your guests the true meaning of the New Year by handing them an organic champagne, wine or non-alcoholic beverage in compostable drinkware. This will eliminate using earth crushing plastic or styrofoam as in only a few weeks your refuse will be part of the soil. For snacks and main dishes compostable tableware and utensils add to your green theme to keep landfills safe and reduce your dish washing water use.

According to a study by UK engineers and researchers, published in ‘Philosophical Transitions B’ (7/27/09) “Bioplastic polymers have great potential to contribute to material recovery, reduction of landfill and use of renewable resources.”

Clear the Air

When your New Year’s guests arrive watch how they eventually notice the ‘top of a mountain’ air quality in your home. Although washing your hands is a great way to avoid spreading germs, most don’t take into account the inability to scrub the air as well. Using test kits and purifiers to determine your air and even water quality is essential to not only a gathering of a variety of potential germ airborne adders but your everyday health thereafter as well. Simply plug in an air cleaning unit and your home will feel significantly cleaner when you take a deep breathe.

Green Noise

Every year stores and street vendors hawk their colorful New Year’s noisemakers made of cheap plastics. These items are used once and tossed right after the strike of twelve making for one of the most wasteful purchases of the season (next to wrapping paper, bows, boxes and bags). This year go back to pre-Industrial Revolution days when a good bang on a pot or pan with a wooden spoon was all you and your guests needed to revel in the New Year.

Avoid a Toxic Hangover

For some, New Year’s Day could be all about nursing an aching headache but there is another headache that can actually be an ongoing toxic threat, cleaning up with conventional cleaners. Toss your chemical cabinet and replace it with non-toxic cleaning supplies made from citrus, ginger, probiotic enzymes, and even concentrations of active oxygen. These new formulas will do just as good a job as chlorines, bleaches and ammonias without the toxic residue and airborne hazards.


Ring it in green this year with a start that will have your first day at the top of your game. Keep it happy, healthy and passionate as all of us at Greenhome wish you and yours the very best Eco-exciting future.

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