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Planning an Eco-friendly Holiday Party

Posted on November 20, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Planning an Eco-friendly holiday party can be an excellent way to celebrate and educate all at once. With some clever green maneuvering, your holiday shindig may just be the talk of the town!

The Right Invite

After you settle on a date then it is time to send out your invites. However, rather than reach for expensive, dyed, unsustainable paper cards there are a few adjustments you can make.

Going digital is the best way to announce your party as this significantly lessens your holiday carbon footprint.

There are plenty of free sites or even social media, like Facebook, that give you all sorts of design options to create the perfect electronic invite that can easily be sent to anyone with an email account.

Plus, some platforms even offer response notifications such as letting you know if the invite was opened and an easy RSVP button as well.

If you still want to go ‘old school’ then reach for recycled or upcycled materials to create a handmade invite that may even continue on as a keepsake.

Get creative and use not only recycled paper but also soy ink, reusable cloth, glued on buttons, trinkets and more for a real do-it-yourself party announcement.

Go the extra mile and hand deliver your creation to cut back on excess fossil fuel use by diesel powered postal trucks.

Holiday Food for Thought

Planning an Eco-friendly holiday party menu means using seasonal, organic, locally grown fare that supports close-to-home businesses and reduces unnecessary transport.

Peruse your nearby farmer’s market or supermarket that offers food choices from local sources.

Look for fair-trade foods and beverages too. These include meat and produce as well as coffee, micro-brewed beers and wines produced by minimal, well-trained, appreciated hands.

Fair-trade products are often unique, mom-n-pop business choices that your guests have probably never heard of but will surely enjoy.

In addition, purchase beverages in bulk containers to avoid individually packaged waste. If you must go disposable, use eco-friendly compostable cups.

Compostable, Biodegradable, Decorate-able

Holiday celebration aesthetics can project a real statement that will have your party goers questioning each nuance.

Take some time to search for natural decorations like pine tree branches that have fallen to the ground, raw cinnamon sticks, colorful leaves and pinecones elegantly displayed with little or no need to spend any money.

Here are a few decorating tips:

  • Crush some fresh cinnamon and cloves into a small pot filled with about a cup of water and let simmer. The smell will exude holiday cheer throughout your home.
  • Purchase some candles made of organic beeswax, soy or vegetable wax for a slow, pleasing, non-toxic burn. There are also safe LED candles that are rechargeable.
  • Display potted rosemary or mint plants which look beautiful and smell great. Plus, they can be replanted and used year round.
  • Purchase some biodegradable, recycled and compostable tableware and utensils made of bamboo, leafware, tapioca/grass fiber and Marine degradable materials.


Planning an Eco-friendly holiday party can be your ‘green coming out’ to all.

If you want, you can even tally how your party reduced the overall carbon footprint. Be proud of the results by printing and displaying them on recycled paper doubling as seating arrangement cards.

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