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Odd Eco Ways and Means

Posted on September 8, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

If you care about the planet you are probably doing as much as you can, like using compostable products, reusable bags, and investing in solar and energy efficiency. Whatever you are doing is most certainly commendable however there are some ways that take it over the top. Check out these odd Eco ways and means practiced by people that are as passionate for the earth as face painted fans are for their favorite sports team. These are products and practices that take Eco-friendly to Eco-extreme.

Shower Water Monitor

If you were ever concerned about how much water you really use in the shower then picking up a Waterpebble may be a good move. You may often hear about water conservation but never really connect the dots regarding your usage. The Waterpebble device and others like it monitor the amount of water you are using by alerting you with a green, yellow or red light display for immediate response.

Edible Shoe Cream

Okay, a shower water monitor may not seem that odd but edible shoe cream might. Designed by Greenfibes, this cream uses plant-based ingredients to shine shoes without the synthetic, toxic sludge conventional shoe creams create. It may seem like a novelty but when you think about the factory waste created from producing mainstream shoe creams, an edible shoe cream is surely going to be more Eco-friendly across the board.

Bamboo Beer

It is theorized that if bamboo were cultivated en masse it could have the ability to clean and control the earth’s overabundance of CO2 in just six years. This is one of the most sustainable plants (it’s a grass actually) on the planet, capable of being transformed into a long list of products including paper, clothing, food and now... bamboo beer! It is yet another way to take an industry that is depleting our natural resources and replacing it with a more viable option.

Pet Fur Clothes

Going beyond pet supplies and into human-pet fashion, if you love your pet why not save their fur to create a wearable keepsake. This is what some extreme green gurus are doing to not only show pet love but to also task fur wearers on how insane it is to kill an animal just for its coat. Pet fur collection and transformation into sweaters or accessories shows a reusable application at its ultimate best (and weirdest).

Human Fat Fuel

Okay, the Eco-extreme has been turned up a notch with one group undergoing liposuction to remove fat and have it fuel a boat. Owner Pete Bethunen developed the Earthrace which looks like a shiny silver covered catamaran right out of a James Bond film.

According to WebEcoist,

“The 10 liters of fuel produced by the liposuction procedures helped the boat set a new world record by circumnavigating the globe in two months before it was sold to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and sunk by a Japanese whaling ship.”

Pollution Fashion

Hopefully this Eco-trend will be short lived but some companies are now designing pollution fashion. There is the pollution-sensitive ‘EPA Dress' created by Stephanie Sandstrom which is made from special material that can detect dangerous air pollution levels. The dress begins wrinkling to alert the wearer that they are in a high pollution zone and to immediately exit. There are also catalogues full of mouth covering air filters adorned in fun, artistic, colorful or creepy designs.

Afterlife Eco-Action

Life used to end with Eco-friendly burials, back to the earth as nature intended. Now, the current sendoff with its high end shellacked woods and painted caskets can cast so many toxins into the soil and water table that Eco-burials are coming back. One Colorado company offers caskets composed of bamboo, banana sheaves or pandanus (from a tropical tree called screw pine) which  are capable of decomposing with the body over the course of six months to two years.


These odd Eco ways and means shows the green loyalty and entrepreneur spirit of innovators all over the globe. It is from minds like these that we get the full spectrum of what it takes to essentially take back our planet. Join the march toward resisting a disposable society, wasted resources and corporate greed by practicing odd Eco ways of your own.

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