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New Alt Energy Sources

Posted on May 4, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

The bar keeps getting higher. It started with the obvious, hydropower harvested from Nature’s roaring waterways into a usable resource. Then wind, hydrogen, and solar emerged with technological applications improving every year.

As these industries continue to give fossil fuels a run for their money, a large subset of innovation has been brewing behind the scenes. These are the new alternative energy sources that are becoming poised to takeover once fossil fuels inevitably fall. Today they may be surprising, but tomorrow they may be essential.

Ocean Gardens

As our oceans struggle with the decimation of human touch, many are dedicating their work to reversing such atrocities with applications that conserve water. This is particularly essential as humans continue to discover the untapped potentials of all the ocean has to offer. One of these potentials is the harvest and replenishment of ocean algae turned into usable energy.

Coined as Algal Biofuel, the concept of using plant life abundantly grown in mass quantities and harvesting the stored energy drawn from sunlight is the basis of algae sourced biofuel. Still in the early stages, Algal may be a fuel of the future so keeping our oceans clean is even more essential than ever.


Helioculture is another form of biofuel that touts being able to produce approximately 20,000 gallons of fuel per acre in comparison to 2,000 gallons from algae.

Scienceblog reported in 2009 that,

“Joule Biotechnologies Inc., a then start-up firm from Cambridge, MA, announced plans to produce transportation fuel and other biochemicals with a patent-pending “Helioculture” technology using photosynthetic organisms, sunlight, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and brackish water – with no other biomass required.”

Today, Helioculture is on a thriving path with three locations currently up and running. No one knows the exact organisms used but it is a groundbreaking technology that could be a significant game changer.

Sun Wind

Right out of a science fiction novel comes solar wind. A combination of solar and wind technologies transported from a satellite in space. The process is as follows,

  • The energy of the solar wind enters the Earth's magnetosphere
  • The tail of the magnetosphere stores the energy
  • The stored energy is released quickly and transferred to the plasma particles
  • The plasma particles are harvested by satellite technology
  • The energy is transported via copper wire, sail and laser beam to a holding station on earth

It sounds crazy, but harvesting solar wind could yield significant energy reserves in each transfer eliminating the need for large production.

Harvested Drops

As millions turn to travel to try to avoid humidity, some scientists are embracing at it as an energy source. The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies released a report in 2015 titled ‘Harnessing Evaporation Could Yield More Power than Wind, Study Shows’.

According to the study, using bacterial spores, researchers have shown they, “...can absorb humidity and, in doing so, expand and contract with enough force to push and pull pistons and drive a rotary engine. The spores pack more energy, pound for pound, than other materials used in engineering for moving objects, ...When evaporation energy is scaled up, it could one day produce electricity from giant floating power generators that sit on bays or reservoirs or rotating machines like wind turbines that sit above water.”


These ingenious new alt energy sources are an example of the ingenuity that can be spawned in response to an ever growing crisis. Keep an eye on these and other innovations that just may be the saving grace we need to rise above the scorched path past humans have left us.

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