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Learn ‘Em With Green Back-to-School Supplies

Posted on August 6, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It always seems like a surprise when the summer hits that point where you start seeing back-to-school sales and yet, it notes an exciting change. From kindergarten jitters to senior college eagerness, embracing the anticipation can be a joy. It is also an opportunity for a back-to-school teaching moment.

With some political leaders shunning their environmental responsibility, you and so many others are rising above the bureaucratic static. Make some noise of your own using your time as well as your wallet to support a sustainable planet by educating your kids with green back-to-school supplies.

Before You Buy

Once the school year ends, parents inevitably find piles of unused school supplies they were instructed were going to be among the most important items needed. These are supplies that are still perfectly good. Before you go on “the most important items needed” back-to-school shopping spree, gather up those leftover goods, make piles, and tell your child to keep using them.

Reusable back-to-school item checklist:

  • Repair binders
  • Repair backpacks
  • Sort out good pens and pencils
  • Tear out used pages from usable notebooks (use torn out pages for scrap paper)
  • Donate your kid’s used textbooks to students going into that grade

Keep an eye out for anything else that might be reusable and don’t get get caught up in school supply lists. You can even check with upcoming teachers to determine the real usability so money and time are not wasted.

Educate and Rejuvenate

Once you are able to salvage crossover school supplies, purchasing what you need is next. This is where your Eco-friendly antenna can start to tingle as the choices are abound when it comes to green back-to-school supply options.

Rather than be manipulated by your kid’s wide eyes for colorful, earth destroying plastics, paper and more, take a step back and get them on the same page as you. Explain how irresponsible purchases lead to more landfill waste, which leads to more damaging of the environment. Explain how the eco-system, including wildlife, insects and so much more are suffering due to that painted plastic lunchbox, excessive packaging, and synthetically toxic backpack material. Grab their attention any way you can doing everything possible to get them excited about shopping for more Eco-friendly choices.

The New Stuff

Now buying school supplies can not only be fun, it can be a new mission for your child. It doesn’t matter if your kid is an energetic third grader or a disinterested teen, your message will come across when you purchase supplies made from sustainable, recycled, reused materials.

Carry On

Start with the backpack. Green bags and backpacks are not only made of Eco-friendly materials, they can start a whole green conversation between you and your child, and then your child to a friend, and so on. Talk about green backpack materials that are unique such as:

  • Recycled bike tire inner tubes
  • Upcycled sail cloth
  • Bamboo
  • Other fabrics, cloths and textiles that would have otherwise been rotting in a landfill


School lunch is another opportunity for a green back-to-school fix. If your child brings their lunch, stay away from disposable plastic sandwich bags and cutlery and look into reusable, or compostable products instead. From cutlery and cups to plates, bowls and containers, your child can eat their lunch from sturdy, reusable items, or items that when discarded, easily and fully decompose back into the earth.

Education Hydration

There is also the ubiquitous water bottle. Along with yoga moms and commuter dads, kids are now toting their own hydration holder back-to-school as well. Rather than the dreaded, earth killing disposable plastic water bottle, choose from water bottles and accessories made from stainless steel, bamboo, and recycled plastic instead.


In addition to these, there are so many other ways you can implement back-to-school choices including rechargeable batteries, Eco-friendly hemp, organic cotton, and even bamboo clothing. Teaching your kids through green back-to-school purchases is the perfect way to start them on a conscientious path toward their Eco-friendly future.

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