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Improving Your Water Footprint

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Dangers and solutions to fossil fuel energy have been front and center for so long you may not have heard much about the more endangered natural resource, water.

Margaret Catley-Carlson, Vice-Chair, World Economic Forum comments,

“Water is an astonishingly complex and subtle force in an economy. It is the single constraint on the expansion of every city, and bankers and corporate executives have cited it as the only natural limit to economic growth.”

While much new technology is being developed to produce cleaner, sustainable energy, efforts to tackle water quality and conservation are just beginning to arise. As a result more personal efforts are being made to reduce water consumption in an attempt to prepare for its predicted scarcity.

According to a 2015 study published by the International Food Policy Research Institute,

“Water quality deterioration is projected to rapidly increase over the next several decades which, in turn, will increase risks to human health, economic development and ecosystems. The findings in this study serve as a call to action to contain water pollution to ensure that future generations can enjoy the many benefits associated with clean water.”

Improving your water footprint is a proactive way to do your part while setting an example for others to take heed of the teetering future of this essential resource.

Return Your Meds

Every year millions of pounds of pharmaceuticals are leached into our natural and municipal water systems. In turn components of antibiotics, hormone replacement such as contraception as well as scores of anti-anxiety and antidepressants are a small example of what makes its way into our food. Over time this accumulation could negatively affect the water table.

Take your old medications back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. Flushing them down a drain or even throwing them in the trash means potentially polluting your environment.

While On Your Nature Fix

If you are the outdoorsy type be sure to follow water safety just as you would when adhering to the “carry in, carry out policy”. Here are a few reminders:

  • Never bury human waste near a water source
  • Do not dump your boat tanks into the water
  • Disperse ‘gray water’ from dishwashing, body cleansing, etc. over a large non-populated area
  • Never pour engine oil into a municipal sewer drain
  • Discard camper vehicle or mobile home chemical toilets into on-site dump setups
  • Use naturally sourced sun protection that won't damage ocean or other water ecosystems

Garden Green

As a yard and garden tiller, look for natural alternatives to toxic pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers. There are many green options available now performing just as well as conventional formulas without damaging water tables. Look for packaged ingredients or home preparations that contain such ingredients as neem, eucalyptus, mineral oil, salt, citrus and pepper.

In addition, garden rain and water conservation includes such practices as watering in the early morning to avoid evaporation waste, soil strengthening plants, and setting up a rain catcher to collect this easily wasted resource.


Improving your water footprint doesn’t take much, it just takes diligence and care. Keep this precious water resource from becoming a global catastrophe by starting today. Basic attempts such as shorter showers and not letting the water run while brushing teeth are important, but honing in on specifics such as those mentioned here could offer a significant impact.

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