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Choosing A Natural Mattress

Posted on June 8, 2015 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

On average, humans spend about one-third of their life sleeping. Therefore, why should you sleep on anything less than perfect. Learn how to choose an eco-friendly mattress and start slumbering in healthy style. It could make a difference when it comes to supporting a less toxic environment, reducing allergies and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Natural Doesn’t Off Gas

California passed a 1975 law that required furniture manufacturers to use flame retardant foam materials. The chemicals used to produce such foam have turned out to have a long life of off-gassing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (1/9/06),

“…the average adult will absorb a daily dose of .802 mg of Antimony (Arsenic), .081 mg Boric Acid and .073 mg DBDPO (Decabromodiphenyl Oxide) from flame proof mattresses, every night.”  

The 1975 California law has been adopted in all 50 states.

Natural mattresses are made from materials that are naturally flame retardant and never off-gas.

Toss and Turn Less

Studies show that sleeping on an organic natural fiber mattress may result in less disturbed sleep.

The Medical Journal of Australia published a 1984 research paper by Dr. Peter R. Dickson of the College of Administrative Sciences, Columbus Ohio which is still referenced today.

When monitored through the night while sleeping on a wool mattress cover pad, Dickson found that study subjects tossed and turned notably less. They reported a better sleep and actually feeling better the next day.

Wool, a main ingredient in organic mattress production, may enhance sleep by decreasing pressure points as well as regulating body temperature. Wool is proven to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer beyond any synthetic material by wicking away body moisture that can change body temperature.

Many Materials to Choose From

Organic bed and bedding choices can be made of many safe, environmentally friendly materials. These include not only wool but organic cottons as well as rubber/latex that are often harvested through sustainable practices. This can be determined by making sure your brand choice contains a certified, 100% organic seal which should contain no synthetic materials or flame retardants.
Here is a quick benefit list of these natural materials:

  • Wool - Comfortable for sensitive joints; dust resistant; good insulator; natural flame retardant. Must be produced without the use of hormones or pesticides directly to as well as in the animal’s food. It is sustainable because sheep are not killed but simply shorn each season for harvesting. Note: Free-range, humanely shorn practices must be followed.
  • Cotton - Used in organic mattress configurations; wrapped in wool for flame resistance. Non-organic cotton has been linked to “massive environmental and health problems” according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Choosing organic cotton supports the continuation of Eco-friendly cotton harvesting practices.
  • Rubber/Latex - Used in natural “memory foam” beds; hypoallergenic; anti-microbial; wrapped in wool for flame resistance. It is harvested by tapping and churning the sap from the rubber tree without harming the plant.

Cover it Right

Bedding is just as important as the bed itself because if you choose a natural mattress and cover it in eco-unfriendly synthetic, dyed sheets you might as well keep your old mattress. Look for un-dyed organic cotton, wool, bamboo, silk sheets and pillowcases.

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